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Down the Stretch They Come

Surprisingly the basketball team is still in this race and tonight's game against North Carolina could be the beginning or end.

Actually a three-game win streak and 17 wins on the season has them in the NIT (in my opinion). Another win, however, wouldn't hurt. It wouldn't hurt at all.

Record: 17-12
ACC Record: 6-8
Next Game: Tonight (Tuesday) at North Carolina
Last Game: 72-62 win at Miami
Best Victory: 62-55 win at Miami
Worst Loss: 74-57 loss at Wake Forest
Estimated No. of victories for NIT Berth: 18
Estimated No. of victories for NCAA Berth: 20
Regular Season Games Remaining: 2
Strengths: Team cohesion has actually improved without Isaiah Swann (??)
Weaknesses: Late-season run could be to0 little too late.
Outlook: The losses to Cleveland State and USF hurt badly because instead of trying to run the table, the Seminoles would just need a respectable performance against North Carolina and a victory over Miami.

But this team made its bed and they must lie in it. Whether or not they get put to sleep is up to them. There has been a lot of optimism over this particular game and even though UNC has a major front court advantage, I could see why people feel that way.

For one thing, UNC has a major revenge game coming up Saturday with Duke and could be looking ahead. Of course a win tonight all but assures the team a No. 1 seed regardless of Saturday. And it's senior night.