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I SEE YA....Out the door...

File This Under "Still in Denial"

FSU radio broadcasts will no longer utilize the services of Peter Tom Willis for football games with Gene Deckerhoff.

I've known P.T. for a number of years and while the coaching staff and occasionally the players cringed at his blunt honesty, the fans and listeners seemed to revere him because it was proof that were seeing what they thought they were seeing....bad football.

Willis, informed of the decision by ISP management, said he was told: "I was too critical."

Among his "violations" was calling FSU a high-school offense during a 2005 game against Clemson. He was admonished and even admitted his emotions got the best of him but he rightfully said that FSU fans knew what happened and didn't need to be sugarcoated.

"I do believe I was fair," Willis said on Thursday night of his work in the booth. "When we did something well I made that clear. And when we did something wrong I pointed it out. That's was an analyst is supposed to do.

"I don't know how you say things are going good when they are not."

While Willis' comments did not set well with many within the FSU program, it made him popular among a significant number of FSU fans during that time. Willis, a buyer of commercial metal, continued to say what he believed following the replacement of offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden with Jimbo Fisher, whose offense last season put up numbers similar to the previous staff.

I can say personally that I loved what P.T. brought to the air. We've all been frustrated at the direction of FSU football over the last few years and he was a voice of the people.