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Parker Gets 2nd Strike; 2 Games..

...Preston Parker settled his legal disputes  today and for his punishment he received the following:

1) A two-game suspension, which happens to be the preseason this year.

2) Additional 50 hours of community service.

3) He must move into a supervised dorm.

4) Must attend weekly study hall.

5) Must attend sessions with athletic compliance each week.

6) Must mentor at-risk students in the Leon County school system.

7) Must subject himself to bi-weekly drug testing.

Well he should consider himself lucky. And I will say if you planned on inviting Parker to any get togethers this summer and/or fall, just forget about it because he will have no free time.

This is it for Parker. If he so happens to trip over a guy who got tazed by a cop outside of Bullwinkle's he'll be booted from the squad. But as of now, he prepares for Wake Forest.