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Migration to 2.0 Begins...

...SBNation's migration to 2.0 continues with Tomahawk Nation over the next couple of days.

If you want to check out some of 2.0 options check out the signature site on SBN.

The good news is I'll step up my game majorly. I've been slacking a bit because I don't live in Tallahassee and I wasn't cover spring stuff like I wanted to. I also miss Jerry Scott's involvement as whenever I was swamped with work (like this past 60 days), he could jumnp in and keep things going.

That being said I'm in a better spot now and I am looking for a little assistance. If anyone is interested in doing some posts to keep up with the baseball and softball and track teams through this period, just hit me up at

Hopefully, we'll have more clarification on the Preston Parker situation in the next few days. Right now Bobby Bowden is on wait because of the felony charge but expects Parker to be suspended or "do something for a couple of games." [LINK]

So I'm going to be copying a lot of this HTML and get ready for the migration. Expect big changes in the next week.