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Booker Sounds Off...

...Remember Lorenzo Booker? Well he hasn't forgotten Florida State and is still complaining about his time in Tallahassee...It's the usual song and dance....yadda he loved being a Seminole....yadda he wasn't used right....yadda there was no accountability....We've heard it all before and I believe it's mostly true but it's in the past and I wish players would leave it there.

“Jeff Bowden would consistently come into meetings and tell us it was all our fault, all our fault,” said Booker, who turns 24 later this month and, with 2,389 yards, is the seventh-leading rusher in FSU history. “He told one coach, ‘I just call plays off the top of my head.’ Who does that? This isn’t ‘Madden.’ You’ve got to actually put a game plan together. There was just no accountability, and a person who doesn’t have accountability can’t teach another person to have it. "

Full article is here .

My take on this is simple: I don't want to hear about it. Jeff Bowden never deserved the job, he was a disaster and a failure while he was at FSU. Many of the fans, myself included, were outraged or at least very skeptical of the hiring from the beginning.

Booker, while never the All-American we thought he would be at FSU, was a classy kid. He was robbed by teammates (literally) and dealt with a terrible offensive staff of coaches but he kept quiet about that stuff until now. I wish him the best in the NFL and I'm sure he wants FSU to succeed until the new regime.

So I forgive him for this one outburst and I hope it's the only one we hear from him.