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What makes this Wake game different?

I'm listening to the Jeff Cameron show and it got me thinking. What is different this year that is in the favor of the Noles vs. Wake Forest. What is it this year that will put FSU over the top?

Athleticism and Accuracy from the Quarterback Position

This should cause problems to a Wake Forest defense, who in the past, loaded up against the run and dared FSU to pass. If they choose this option this year, they have a much better chance of being burned because of the talent level of the options at QB this year.

Healthy and Deep Backfield

FSU running back Antone Smith leaves Alabama linebacker Prince Hall in his wake as he runs for a touchdown.

Healthy refers to Antoine Smith, who seems to be running better than ever, which he attributes to being 100% for the first time in a very long time. Couple that with the fact that we have young and talented backups to spell him when he needs it. It should bode well for FSU's chances to have a good running game this year.

Trickett's "guys" on the Offensive Line

Although they are young and very much inexperienced, the depth chart is almost completely comprised of guys recruited by Rick Trickett.  Hopefully this means success early, and not growing pains through the meat of this year’s schedule.

Playmakers on the defensive edge

At the Defensive End spot we have a sack machine in Everette Brown on one end, and an end in White who is slowly but surely picking up the system.  Mickey even commented that White is the hardest working player on defense and will end up as one of the great FSU DE's

Someone other than Preston Parker to throw the ball to

All too often last year it seemed that Preston Parker was the only person catching passes.  This year FSU has 4 (some would argue more), legitimate playmakers at the wide receiver position. Surrency, Parker, Reed and a rejuvenated Greg Carr, will give the Wake secondary fits. The combo of speed and size will be too much for this experienced, but overmatched secondary.

Controlled play by the Linebackers

The position of linebacker at FSU has been plagued recently by players who were incredible players, but tended to run wild, and not part of the system. This left holes in coverage, forced their teammates to pick up the slack. This year’s group seems more disciplined and has bought into the team mindset. This will be critical in a game where Wake will use misdirection to use FSU speed and aggressiveness against them.


These are just a few things that came off the top of my head. Let me know if you have anything to add, or just want to shoot holes in my logic.