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What other coaches are saying... "Two QB System"

Les Miles, during an interview with ESPN radio had some interesting comments on a two qb system.....


Head Coach of the Defending National Champion LSU Tiger's Les Miles, had this to say about his current two QB system, featuring Andrew Hatch and Jarrett Lee....

... the mysterious Andrew Hatch.

"I like our guys, I think their coming along, i think their competing well. Certainly making mistakes....

"...I think there is obviously the want to be the starter by both and at some point we will settle on the right guy. Its good that they can take a break, get a drink and watch the other guy, then come back to the game. I think those breaks are positive and help them to calm down and not have to concentrate the entire game..."

I think this quote is interesting, mostly because I had never thought of rotating QB's as a positive. But he does make some sense in his logic.

I'd like to get the readers thoughts on if you think he is right with his opinion, or if you have a differing opinion.