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Quarterback Choice Today?

...So far there's been no official selection for the starting quarterback despite the speculation that redshirt sophomore D'Vontrey Richardson might have elevated himself from third string to starter and the revelation by Bobby Bowden that the coaches are at least exploring the option of playing multiple quarterbacks.

So here's what I think I know based on some TN operatives around the area.

* The battle was set up for Christian Ponder to win. But while he's had some bright moments he just hasn't jumped in and grabbed the job like the coaches expected he would.

* Weatherford, much like Ponder, has been up and down during practices. He had a scrimmage a week ago that he was 1-for-7 on and I heard that many of the plays called eliminated the check down so he was forced to make precise downfield throws and he struggled.

* Richardson doesn't do everything right but he can throw and more importantly he can generate additional time with his mobility which is something this offensive line needs as they are very young.

I've heard a lot of things. Most lean toward Ponder or Richardson starting. If FSU had a tough opener they would probably stick to Weatherford, but with Western Carolina and Chattanooga on the first two weeks of the schedule this is a much easier time to break in a quarterback.

Two other reasons why Weatherford might be the odd man out.

-- Antone Smith was named the offensive team captain for the season. Why would Smith get the nod over a lifelong starter at QB who is constantly lauded for his leadership?

-- And this statement by Jimbo Fisher:

"I've told Drew before, if my kids grow up to have the qualities you have as a person I'll be tickled to death. Whether he wins that job or not, and I'm not saying one way or another, unfortunately as a coach you can't look at it that way. There are (over) a hundred other guys and you have to do what's best for them and what I think is best for our team. When you are making the decision it's not personal between D'Vontrey, Christian and Drew, it's a decision based on the other 120 guys on the team."