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A Look into the Future...

With all the doom and gloom that comes with a Florida State loss, I thought I should give a reason for optimism, and give a glimpse into the FSUSkot crystal ball....

People do not want to hear it, but this team is rebuilding. We are not, and will not be competitive at the highest level for a few years. That being said lets look at the positives. In two years, this Florida State team will be as loaded as any team in the nation. Don’t believe me, take a look…


QB        Christian Ponder                      RS Senior

QB        D'Vontrey Richardson              RS Senior

QB        EJ Manuel                                RS Sophomore


All of the “growing pains” should be worked out by should point. Having a 5th year senior (whoever the starter is at the point), will be a huge edge on almost every team we will play. Add to that the possible emergence of EJ, who has the talent to overtake them.


RB        Tavares Pressley                      RS Senior

RB        Jermaine Thomas                     Junior

RB        Ty Jones                                  Junior

RB        Brandon Paul                           RS Junior

RB        Lonnie Pryor                            Sophomore

RB        Chris Thompson                       Sophomore


This will be as loaded a backfield (barring injury), that FSU has had in a very long time. Thomas and Jones have shown how good they can be, and with a few years in the system, should be an incredible one two punch. Throw in the wild card of a Tavares Pressley in his second year off surgery, plus the young guns in Pryor and Thompson. That backfield is deep, fast and talented.


WR       Bert Reed                                 RS Junior

WR       Jarmon Fortson                        Junior

WR       Taiwan Easterling                    RS Junior

WR       Avis Commack                           Junior

WR       Cameron Wade                         RS Junior

WR       Rodney Smith                           Sophomore

WR       Xavier Rhodes                          Sophomore

WR       Willie Downs                            Sophomore

WR       Willie Haulstead                       Sophomore

WR       Josh Gehres                             Sophomore


Speed and size are the highlight of the WR group. Fortson gives a huge presence, a legitimate #1 with experience. Then you will have speedy Reed and Easterling running the quick screens, bubble screens, swing passes, hooks, slants, etc. Add to that big bodies in Wade, Commack, Gehres and Smith. Plus game breakers in Downs, and Hualstead. That is a ton of talent, and no roster fillers.


TE        Ja'Baris Little                           Junior

TE        Bo Reliford                               Junior


For the first time FSU will have playmakers at the TE position (I don’t count Brandon Warren, cause in my mind, he was never here). Reliford is still raw, but could turn into a dominate force at the TE position. If by some miracle we get Orson Charles, good lord.


C          Ryan McMahon                         RS Senior

C          Henry Orelus                           Sophomore


OG        Evan Bellamy                           RS Senior

OG        Rodney Hudson                       Senior

OG        Brandon Davis                         RS Senior

OG        Rhonne Sanderson                  Junior

OG        A.J. Ganguzza                          RS Junior

OG        Will Furlong                             RS Junior

OG        David Spurlock                         Junior

OG        Blake Snider                            Sophomore


OT        Andrew Datko                          Junior

OT        Zebrie Sanders                        Junior

OT        Antwane Greenlee                   RS Junior

OT        Bryan Stork                              Sophomore

OT        John Prior                                Sophomore

OT        Garret Faircloth                        Sophomore


Seniors and Juniors on the line, what a concept. Hudson will be 22-23 years old, and not a kid anymore, he should be dominating. Add in 5th year seniors at the C and Guard positions (Bellamy, McMahon, and Davis), plus a host of RS and true Juniors (Sanderson, Ganguzza, Furlong, Spurlock, Datko, Sanders, and Greenlee). This line is going to be a force. That is a ridiculous amount of experience and depth.


ILB       Vince Williams                          Junior

ILB       Aaron Gresham                         RS Junior

OLB      Kendall Smith                           Senior

OLB      Mister Alexander                      Senior

OLB      Nigel Bradham                         Junior

OLB      Nigel Carr                                 Junior

OLB      Maurice Harris                          RS Junior

OLB      C.J. Mizell                                Sophomore


I think we can all agree that the LB position, is/was/always will be, a strength at FSU. 2010 should be no different. I would expect that Nigel is in full beast mode by now; Smith will take the other OLB as a senior, with VW cleaning clocks at MLB. Carr, Mizell, and Alexander give serious depth as well.


DE        Markus White                           Senior

DE        Toshmon Stevens                    Junior

DE        Jamar Jackson                          RS Junior

DE        Ed Stinson                               Sophomore

DE        Brandon Jenkins                      Sophomore

DE        Darious Cummings                   Freshman


If we can keep White for all three years of his eligibility, then he should be a force. Toshmon has shown that he can be a player as well. This position might be the biggest question mark, as we do not know what we are going to get out of a lot of these younger players.


DT        Moses McCray                           Junior

DT        Everett Dawkins                       Junior

DT        Demonte McAllister                  Sophomore

DT        Jacobbi McDaniel                      Sophomore

DT        K. Thorton                               Sophomore     


McCray and McDaniel should be the starters at this point. Both are beasts, and will compliment each other well. If Thorton can qualify, it will be a great rotation with him and McAllister spelling the starters.


CB        Ochuko Jenije                          Senior

CB        AJ Alexander                            Junior

CB        Terrance Parks                         Junior

CB        Dionte Allen                             RS Junior


Ok, I can’t put a red bow on this unit. Let’s just hope one of these guys steps up. Parks has shown flashes. But I can’t get excited about a converted QB (AJ), a walking injury (Allen), and an unpronounceable name (OJ).


S          Nick Moody                              RS Sophomore

S          Ed Imeokparia                          Junior

S          Justin Bright                            Sophomore


S/CB     Gerald Demps                          Sophomore

S/CB     JaJuan Harley                           Sophomore


Depending on where the talent at this position shakes out, it could be very good, or just mediocre. If Downs ends up with this unit, it could be spectacular. Moody is a beast, but might be too stiff to play safety. The sophomores will more than likely be in the mix to start in the secondary.


K          Dustin Hopkins                         Sophomore

P          Shawn Powell                           Junior


Should be solid for years.


LS         Jeremiah Thompson                 Senior


Just thought it was of note that the guy snapping will be a senior, that’s all.