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Hitting the Links

We'll take a look at what others are saying after our game against Colorado and the upcoming game against Miami.

Andrew Carter provides letter grades for each unit in his report card.  I can't say I really disagree with much here.  He also has a nice short Q&A about the game where he covers topics like the lack of impact from Corey Surrency the last 2 games and Myron Rolle's coverage skills (we should have an article during the Noles next off week that covers this topic as well).  He also has a list of 5 things that have gone right so far this season.  The only major disagreement I have is that the jury is still out on the offensive line.  Yes, they had a better game against Colorado than against Wake Forest, but Colorado was also a weaker opponent than Wake so it is hard to tell just how much they have improved.  As usual, Andrew does a great job with his coverage of the Noles.

More links after the jump.

ChantRant has a nice piece comparing the young and inexperienced quarterbacks for this weekend.  They brought in a Canes blogger to voice his opinion, and I thought this quote was interesting. "Until his final two drives versus Wake Forest, I really liked what D'Vontrey Richardson brought for FSU. He was moving the offense and had Greg Carr not given up on a deep route, Richardson likely would have hit him for the go ahead TD. If Carr doesn’t mysteriously pull up on that play, I think we’re talking about Richardson starting the rest of the season. After that miscue, Richardson pressed and tried to force something to happen, resulting in two interceptions late against a very good Wake secondary."  Obviously there is still way too much to be decided for all the quarterbacks involved in this one to definitively say which one is best, but this game could give one of them a head start.

Over at, there's a short article about how the offense still needs work.  In the back half of the article, Bill raises some good questions about Drew Weatherford and the Noles chances this weekend.

FSU It's Time discussed how the coaches are addressing mistakes from the Colorado game in their practice report.  They also chose to break down a position matchup with a comparison of the running backs.  Miami could get an added boost her if Javarris James is able to play. 

On the Seminole Report, Brian Landman has an interesting tidbit on Jimbo Fisher's praise for Christian Ponder.  Even though Jimbo said it was his best game so far, I think it's safe to say that he and the rest of the Noles are looking for a lot more improvement.  

Heather Dinich has some interesting things to say in her ACC blog on ESPN.  She has the Noles checking in at number 6 in her ACC Power Rankings going into this week.  I can't say I disagree at this point, but I don't think Maryland is the second best team in the ACC.  Also, in here Sneak Peek at Week 6 she has the ACC game of the week as the battle between Duke and Georgia Tech.  This could be an interesting game, but we have something else to keep our attention.  As for our game against the Canes, she talks about the defense's work to improve their communication and links this article from the Florida Times-Union about the Noles work on covering tight ends.  She also covered what was a hot topic for both blogs and newspapers, which was the amount of penalties for FSU.  As expected, Mickey Andrews voiced his opinion on the problem and brought back ideas of "hitting til the echo of the whistle."

That's all for now.  We'll update the links if any other interesting stuff pops up.