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MBB Game 16: Duke 66 FSU 58

So here is the game thread. Check out the preview below in the post below.

Well...we had them...we fell asleep for a while...and then we came charging back to lose by 8. A good showing against an excellent team. We held Duke to their lowest point total of the year and forced 17 documented turnovers. We only had 14. Teams are not going to look forward to playing us. I think this is pretty characteristic of how many of our games against Duke and the like will go. Gotta love the effort...just need to hit some more shots...31% won't cut it. Many of you commented on the officiating in the game. Duke had 39 free throws to our 14. Granted, this is a skewed number as we fouled a lot in the last 2 minutes.

Let's see if a sold out Tucker Center can help the Noles knock off one of the top teams in the country.

What are your thoughts on the game.