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A few random links to help you make it to 5pm

Slow day at the office?  Check some of this stuff out.

  • ESPN has a great story on the 10 Recruiting Commandments.  I would add this to the SI article UNF linked below as required reading before Wednesday.  See if you can count how many commandments our staff breaks.
  • It's posted in the Recruiting Thread, but Phillip Thomas won't be visiting this weekend.  I think this is at least the third time this recruiting season our defensive coaches have seriously dropped the ball on a DB from South Florida.  3 strikes and... you get a contract extension and can stay as loooong as you want at Florida State =( .
  • ChantRant discusses UM's new offensive coordinator, Mark Whipple.  Even includes a reference that 30% of our readership won't get.  So enjoy that.
  • You should also read this and this before next Wednesday.  They are two articles for people who think recruiting stars don't matter.  (Hint: They actually do.)  At some point post-signing day I'll probably be adapting this for a story directly relating to FSU.
  • Tallahassee Godby quarterback AJ Graham won this year's Mr. Football in the state of Florida.  Keep an eye on him.