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Florida State Recruiting Update, 10.14.09

This a jam-packed day.  As always, we funnel coverage to the 2010 Big Board and the 2010 Recruiting Map.  Remember to get out and watch these prospects play.  On to the coverage.

Current commits: (click the links to read more)

Some notes, could FSU salvage the 2010 class, and the most important recruit in this class may be headed to FSU next year


  • As everyone knows by now, Lowndes OL Ed Christian has decommitted.  I don't think that he likes Bowden very much.  FSU will be in this if they get rid of Bowden.
  • Tampa Catholic WR Christian Green still maintains a top four of FSU, UF, UGA, and USF.  Hard to get a read on this kid, but FSU still has a pretty good shot.
  • I can't really get a read on STA DB Lamarcus Joyner.  However, people I trust are still confident he will be a Seminole.  By the way - Joyner has broken his hand and will be out until the playoffs.  Coach Coley and Joyner have an outstanding relationship.
  • I am still confident on Lake Howell LB Christian Jones.  Early playing time should be a huge sell, and he has amazing FSU ties.
  • First Coast DL Tavaris Barnes and Astronaut DL Darious Cummings are looking around a bit.  As long as Odell Haggins remains on staff, I expect them to stick with their commitments.
  • Glades Central athlete Greg Dent continues to play extremely well this season.  Last Friday, he caught 5 passes for 135 yards and a TD.
  • CB Terrence Mitchell will be a dogfight.  He was once considered a very strong FSU lean.  Well, the times are a little different now.  I think FSU and UGA will be the main players.  He enjoyed his visit to Athens.
  • I would not expect LB Jeff Luc to end up at FSU.  Looking like an UF-Tennessee battle.  Luc will still official to FSU.  FSU should hammer home the "early playing time" sales pitch and hope for the best.  Check out this Miami recruiting update with a tidbit about Luc - Miami's interest in Jeff Luc has evaporated. "He's too stiff on film and he's a coach killer," one UM scout told me.  This could be some sour grapes.  However, Luc has been reported to be unimpressive this season.  Nevertheless, I would take him in a heartbeat.
  • FSU has to identify sleepers this year.  Good players fall under the radar all the time in places like Florida and Georgia.  If a sleeper commits, reserve judgement on that player until you see film/a scouting report.

Charles Deas - The most important recruit in this class?

Recently it was reported that Pearl River C.C. DL Charles Deas was close to committing to Florida State.  This would be huge for this program.  Deas was the top DL in Florida in 2006.  The cliffs - signed with LSU (because of Jimbo Fisher), did not qualify, committed to Auburn, did not qualify, resurfaces at Pearl River.  Deas will have two years to play two.  He says he is working hard in the classroom, and Pearl River does a great job of getting kids qualified. 

Deas is a freak at the DL position.  South Florida recruiting guru Charles Fishbein contributes:

Deas was one of the best DT to come out of South Florida in the past ten years. You look at DT like Pat Sims who went to Auburn and now plays in the NFL. Sims played at Dillard as did Charles Deas. With Deas you got a bigger, stronger and faster version of Sims. He is naturally strong. He is just tough to move off the football. He will come in and start. FSU has not had a DT this talented since Corey Simon. Consider some of the DT that have come through FSU since Simon, that is saying something. He has the talent to be a first round pick.


FANtastic football clips No. 33 - Charles Deas (via RecruitingJunkie56)

Deas, with his freakish combination of size and quickness, should upgrade the DL immediately (providing he gets  to FSU).  As Fish said, Deas is likely to start if he makes it in.  He might the most important recruit in this class.  Hopefully he can have a Terrence Cody-like impact the 'Noles next season.  Be sure to check out Fish's site, which is Elite Scouting Services.

2011 OLB Ryan Shazier - 6'2'' 200 4.6 (Plantation High School, Pompano Beach, FL)

I have to give credit to Charles Fishbein here.  He told me about this kid in an email about a week ago.  Shazier is a prospect that has been blowing up this year.  He plays DE for Plantation, but will obviously make the move to OLB.  Fish told me that he expects this kid to get up to 225-230.  Very explosive off the ball.  Shazier has recorded a 38 inch vertical, which is extremely impressive for a junior in high school.  Kid could grow into a monster.  If he wants to move to OLB, there are definite questions about his cover skills.  I hope he attends some camps so we can see how he does in coverage.  Definitely a prospect to watch out for. 

Here are some good highlights from sophomore year.

Charles Fishbein's quote to me: "You should see his highlights from this year."

And here they are:

Can Florida State maintain this recruiting class?

Much has been made about how FSU's struggles on the field will affect the 2009 recruiting class.  Like everyone knows, it will affect the class.  But maybe not as bad as you might think.  FSU might have actually lucked out in recruiting the '09 class this year, as funny as it sounds.  Elite talents like Lamarcus Joyner, Christian Green, and Christian Jones were/are extremely interested in FSU.  If not for their lifelong fanship and FSU ties, the 'Noles would not be even in the race for any of the three.  First off, this will not be a top 5 class.  The recent losses have ensured that.  This class, however, can be a top 15 class.  With luck, a top 10.

Step 1 - Announce the succession plan IMMEDIATELY

Recruits do not want to play for Bobby Bowden anymore.  You have 'Nole recruits joining the Blackout Facebook group.  Seriously, the recruiting class would remain in place if FSU just announced that this is Bowden's final year.  Fisher and Coley can at least salvage this class.

Step 2 - JuCo Defenders

FSU will need immediate help next year.  JuCo defenders can provide that.  Basically, JuCo players want to play (even more than your average high schooler).  FSU (obviously) can offer major major PT to a player, so that means the 'Noles are an attractive option.  NolethruandThru mentioned some good prospects the other day.  Charles Deas, Debrale Smiley, and Anthony McCloud have already been covered.

I have heard that FSU is taking a hard look at DT Akeem Moore (6'5", 325) from Mississippi, CB Mike Harris (5'11", 185) from El Camino in Cali, and possibly Willie Downs' teammate Johnnie Dixon (5'11", 190) if he can get some character concerns resolved. I've also heard Damien Jackson thrown around and massive James Carmon (6'7", 370), but it is too late for Carmon IMO

Of these names, the most one I know most about is probably Johnnie [Lee] Dixon, who is a DB that graduated from Glades Central in 2007.  Tremendous raw talant as ESPN noted that year.  If FSU can squeeze two years of eligibility out of him, then I think the 'Noles should give him a hard look. 

Step 3 - Fire Chuck Amato and Jody Allen RIGHT NOW (I don't count Mickey because he is retiring anyway)

It is state law that all state positions be published for at least 1 month, as FSU is a state component unit it is classified under that law. If we get rid of them, and have interim coaches (such as promote Stroud for the rest of the season), when we hire our new staff they will be able to hit the ground running, err hit the ground recruiting.  Maybe the new staff could have a Tennessee like impact as far as recruiting goes.


Question of the Day:  Have you seen any FSU prospects play this year?  If so, how did they look?