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The Final Score: Florida State Seminoles 38 - Boston College 21

Welcome back to this week's edition of "The Final Score."  This is the weekly prediction column that our readers clamor for all week, where we the self proclaimed experts here at Tomahawk Nation will match our thorough and in-depth understanding of the game, our analytical skills, our wisdom, and our football knowledge, against our readers psychic abilities, or better yet "guesses" for Saturday's FSU expected WING CLIPPING of the Eagles from Boston College.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate loyal Tomahawk Nation reader onebarrelrum, who begrudgingly accepted his shiny prize  for his prediction, and for being the only one to predict an upset last week in the fiasco that was FSU's humiliation at the hands of USF.  I would tell you to congratulate onebarrelrum next time you see one of his post, but I'd rather not and I am sure from his comments he would have preferred to have been dead wrong.

Before getting to the predictions, I would like to acknowledge that this has been a very difficult week.  We not only had to absorb the loss to USF, but we have had to deal with numerous rumors that we can only hope are not true.  Some of these rumors deal with alleged confrontations between coaches before the USF game resulting in no last minute instructions or pre-game speech being given and the players sent out onto the field in disarray, alleged rumors of solicitations to boosters to raise the $5 Million dollars to buy out Jimbo Fishers contract, alleged rumors of a assistant offensive coach allegedly punching a defensive line coach in the mouth due to taunts resulting in emergency dental care required for said coach, and alleged reports of a sucker punch being thrown by one of the defensive coaches at a offensive coach during halftime of last years Wake Forest game.

As a person who has bled garnet and gold for over 31 years, this alleged total chaos and dysfunction is very disturbing to me as I am sure it is to all of you also.  I will not use this forum that I have been granted to address these very serious alleged incidents.  I have decided that while these alleged rumors and alleged incidents may or may not have occurred, I will sit back and let nature take it's course and deal with these issue the only way I know how, with humor.

Humor has always been my preferred mechanism to deal with adversity, as well as with dealing with my successes.  Sometimes my humor is appreciated, other times I have been told that humor was not appropriate for a variety of reasons.  I am a person who does not take myself too seriously, because I believe that if you take yourself too seriously, you will be viewed as a CLOWN.

Which brings me to my first attempt at humor to try to help us get over the total dysfunction and shambles our once program has currently found itself in.  This video is a little dated, many of you may have already seen this, but in my own twisted mind for whatever reason, it think it is appropriate at this time. I don't know how or why I feel the timing is right, I just do.

Please enjoy.


  It's Hard Out Here For A Coach (via GreyBlackwell)

This week your Tomahawk Nation staff is once again divided into three groups.

First we have the kool-aid drinking, glass is half-full, homers, those you love, your favorites, or the GOOD GUYS.

Then we have those smug, no-good know nothings, stick up the butt, lousy BAD GUYS that we all despise because they are the REALIST in the group who see things as they really are.

And finally we have a impaired and deranged member on the staff who has apparently finally snapped due to his love of FSU and having to witness these debacles first hand.

First we start with the GOOD GUYS of course.

FSUSOM= FSU 37 - BC 17

Ricobert1= FSU 20 - BC 13

MattDNole= FSU 24 - BC 10

nolesblogger= FSU 21 - BC 17

Fsued= FSU 28 - BC 13

TrueCubbie= FSU 27 - BC 24

pbysh= FSU 27 - BC 17

SWFLNole= FSU 30 -BC 3

FrankDNole= FSU 38 - BC 21
Next we have the aforementioned BAD GUYS
oline0175= BC 27 - FSU 21
Nattylite= BC 17 - FSU 16
Here is the impaired and deranged one in the group.
The K-Man= FSU 14 - BC 14
And finally,

FSUn= FSU 28 BC 24 as you will find in his Game Preview which you can read right here.

On a side note, are we overreacting to the problems facing our Noles?  Do you ever wonder how outsiders view our program?  Check out this story I came across in the Boston Globe.
I think I need a shower, I feel dirty.  Better yet, how about another lame attempt at humor?
Now we are eager to learn what the most knowledgeable Nole fans on any of the FSU boards expect the final score to be for this game.  Once again, the prize will be something shiny which will be given for the closest prediction (not spread) to the final score.  At the end of the season, the reader (or author) who has won the most Shiny Awards will receive the grand prize, a much larger and shinier prize.