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Florida State Recruiting Update 10.28.09

Lots of info today.  As always, we funnel coverage to the 2010 Big Board and the 2010 Recruiting Map.  Remember to get out and watch these prospects play.  On to the coverage.

Current commits: (click the links to read more)

Some notes, some Junior College players to keep an eye on, and how Bobby Bowden is destroying FSU recruiting


  • One recruit FSU has to hold on to is Dunnellon CB Terrence Brooks.  Kid is the truth. He is smooth smooth smooth.  He has great hips and his backpedal is pretty good. Plus closing speed.  High cut, and built like a tree trunk.  He is listed at 5'10'', but members who have seen him play say that he is 6'0''-6'1'' in cleats.  His speed is very good, as he recorded a 4.44 40 time at a combine last spring.  He covered Willis Wright, one of the best receiving prospects in South Florida, straight up in a 7 on 7.  As physical as Wright is, that is tough in a 7 on 7 format. Brooks can end up a physical monster in college.  As member jfree says, he has cornerback skills with safety size. Brooks has the potential to be a great two to three year starter with coaching.
  • Miami Hialeah DE Corey Lemonier will probably be at Illinois next year if Ron Zook is not fired.  If Zook is fired, which is definitely not out of the equation, the 'Noles have an excellent shot.
  • Multiple news outlets reported that Tampa Catholic WR Christian Green recently said that Georgia was his leader.  That is probably true, but I still think that UF is the bigger threat in this race.  If Lawrence Dawsey stays on staff, the 'Noles will still be in the thick of the race.  FSU does not want this kid to commit soon
  • As alluded to above, the longer some of these prospects wait, the better chance FSU has.  It's pretty simple.
  • FSU is doing a pretty good job in South Florida in regards to the 2011 class.  James Coley is really jumping on prospects early.  Great to see.
  • STA DB Lamarcus Joyner had a great visit to Notre Dame.  That being said, I still expect OSU, FSU, or UF to land him.  I hope he makes his decision in January or February,
  • STA RB Gio Bernard committed to Notre Dame after his visit.  While I was not expecting Gio to commit the 'Noles after FSU's start, I did not expect him to commit this early.  It will be interesting to see what FSU's plan B is.
  • Lake Howell LB Christian Jones had an outstanding visit to ND (see a pattern here?).  I still expect him at FSU next year.  The 'Noles have done a great job recruiting him, and his connections to the school help. 
  • Dr. Phillips WR Kenny Shaw is still a huge 'Nole lean. 
  • Once a huge FSU lean, Tampa CB Terrence Mitchell is looking around.  He has taken a visit to UGA, and will be at Tennessee this weekend.  Not confident on him, but I feel like the 'Noles can still get him if they fix their problems (starting at the top with Bowden).
  • Glades Central DB Greg Dent still wants an FSU offer.  Badly.  I do feel that he gets one in the end.
  • The best case scenario for this recruiting class would be to win out.  Obviously, I do not feel like that will happen (UF and Clemson).  I think Bowden is gone regardless, and a bowl game would be big for this class. 

A 2011 prospect that is blowing up:

ATH Kevin Grooms, from Hollywood, Florida.  He goes to South Broward High School.  Measurables are 5'10'' 160 and I'd say that he runs in the low 4.4, if not 4.3.   Speed, speed, speed, and even more speed.  Extrememly explosive.  He really came onto the football scene against McArthur High School, where he had over 200 yards of total offense and returned a punt for the game winning score.  He has had something ridiculous like three straight games of 200+ total offensive yards. Grooms has that special attribute - one step, and he is at top speed.  Charles Fishbein (of Elite Scouting Services)  believes the kid projects best as a CB. I don't know, as I would rather have him with the ball in his hands.  He is receiving interest from FSU and Tennessee, and there are some rumors that both schools have offered him.  He is open, but he does like FSU.

VIDEO: (click on watch video; I am currently having problems viewing.  Take my word - he is good.)

If any members get out and see any of these kids play, please post a report in the 2010 BB!

From jfree, about FSU commitment CB Terrence Brooks

let start off with his teams offense is potent, they racked up a 108 points in their first 2 games, but their first true test will come against next week against North Marion High School, ranked 10th in class 3a, and lost by one point to the best team in 3a (St. Augustine 34-33ot) opening week, so Terrance will be relied on heavily against North Marion (he plays cb,wr,rb and handles punt and kick return)

ok but this game vs west port wasnt a close match up, and Terrance was out by the second half, so i just got his key stats, and a couple quick observations.

- hes huge, listed as 5-10, but i’d have to bet he is 6’0 now (or better), just towered on the field, he was taller than 4 of his 5 o-linemen, doesnt look like a average cb, looks like a wr but with a thicker lower body, he has a solid base, almost looks safety-ish.

-performance wise he had a solid game, looks like high school is "easy" for him, almost like he was bored, he did fumble a punt, but i think it was because he was tryin to be flashy and not call a fair catch, he got hit right when he caught it (not a hard hit, dont worry about his health) but other than that it was a good game, he almost had a very long td reception ( had the corner beat by 10 yards, woulda been about a 70+ yard score) but the pass was bad, so he barley was able to catch it just to get a pick up (picked up about 30 before tip-toeing the sideline and going out of bounds.) He did the next series have a long td catch a good 40+ yards, then finished his night with a long td run roughly around 40 yard range, finished overally with 100+ total yards and 2 tds.

overall impression like i said he looked bored, obviously the best athlete on the feild by far for both teams, he’s fast has a great burst and with his long legs looks like he glides when he runs, almost looks like he could make a good wr with his frame and speed, when he runs hes not a "juker" or studder stepper, he makes his decision and goes, biggest thing he reminds me of is what people refer to as a "homerun threat" literally seems when he touches the ball he can score at anytime.

well ok thats my overall i geuss "review" of him, but now from week on i’ll keep it shorter, and just post his stats.

 That is an outstanding report.

From NaGaNole:

-Lowndes played this game mad. I guess nothing like the cross town rival and a loss to Northside/Warner Robbins the previous week to bring out the mean streak.

-Telvin Smith Very fast for a LB, made a handful to tackles for loss. 9 total. Very comparable to Dekota Watson, but tackles very well.

-Lowndes has a kid, # 26, I think his name is Orta(sp?). He’s a junior, and can make plays. Add him to that 2011 recruiting BB.

-Tyler Hunter. Wow. Looks like Taylor Mays. I sure hope he wears G&G. Orta gets a lot of chances because no one wants to test Hunter. Hunter and Smith seem to be good friends, saw them talk on the sidelines all night.

-Ed Christian plays right tackle for Lowndes. I though he played left. Looked good. Good push on running plays. Decent pass protect, although the guy going up against him tonight was slow as molasses.

-Jay Rome is a prototype prostyle TE. I see him at a school that runs a prostyle like UGA or USCw. We’d have to really start using the TE more to bring him here. I don’t think he’d want to be an H-back in our offense.

I think Troy is getting a gem in Franklin.

Another outstanding report. I assure you that these reports do not go unnoticed.

Junior College Players

As everyone that follows recruiting by now, FSU is targeting many Junior College football players for this cycle.  Most will probably visit for the Maryland game.

JUCO GAME FILM: MS Gulf Coast (DL Dorsey and Carmon (both recognizable) vs CoLin (DB Menzie, #2). Check under the 10/3 tab.

MORE:  Copiah Lincoln (Menzie). Note that you can watch Pearl River on video too (upper right hand tab)

DE Wayne Dorsey (6'6'' 255). Perkinston (MS) Gulf Coast Community College

Wayne Dorsey's 2008 Highlight Video (via


Our thoughts on Dorsey: I watched full Game film on Dorsey, and he has a really high motor, never taking a play off. Also he has good size for the DE position. He looks like he is strong, and he gets up field very fast. He had two sacks and multiple QB pressures in the game. He is better in the passing game than against the run right now, and needs some coaching in using his hands but has good moves to break contact sometimes.  Very rangy. An outstanding player who would be an upgrade right now.

Take? I would like him to commit, and there is a good chance that he will eventually, possibly when he officially visits.  FSU has an outstanding shot.

DT James Carmon (6'7'' 350). Perinston (MS) Gulf Coast Community College

James Carmon's 2008 Highlight Video (via MPMballer)


Our thoughts on Carmon: There are a lot of people who are very excited about the idea of Carmon, because he is such a massive NG. However, I am not one of those people. While he is huge and would upgrade our line weight he carries a lot of it in his mid section, his base isn't proportional. That is to say nothing about his absolute lack of lateral movement, and the amount of time it takes him to start up and run in a straight line. In my opinion he is only playable on running downs in a 3-4. He plays heads up in a 3-4 now.

Take? If it were up to me he would not receive an offer, if it were up to many others he would.  It will be interesting to see how FSU handles this.  The 'Noles have been in contact.

DL Charles Deas (6'6'' 300).  Poplarville (MS) Pearl River C.C. 


FANtastic football clips No. 33 - Charles Deas (via RecruitingJunkie56)


Our thoughts on Deas: We covered Deas last week.  I included the video in case some of you missed it.  This is from his high school days.

Take? Definitely and the 'Noles have an outstanding shot.  I expect him to be at FSU next year.

DE Scardino Daniels (6'5'' 240). Poplarville (MS) Pearl River C.C.

Our thoughts on Daniels: Daniels is a wide body that displays a good getoff at times. 

Take? Yes, probably.  I do think he will be in FSU's class.

DT Amp McCloud (6'3'' 290).  Itawamba (MS) C.C. 

Amp McCloud High lite video (via ytsejam180)


Our thoughts on McCloud: I covered him back in July.

Take? Yes, and FSU will.  The 'Noles are trying to hide him.  He will have three years to play.

RB Debrale Smiley (6'0'' 240 4.6).  Itawamba (MS) C.C.

Our thoughts on Smiley: Debrale is going to be a very good player. He is fast for his great size, a truely dynamic size/speed combo. He is also a hard worker.

Take? Yes, and FSU will.  The 'Noles are trying to hide him.  He will have three years to play.

CB Mike Harris (5'11", 185) from El Camino (CA)

 Our thoughts on Harris: Harris is pretty much everything you want in a corner prospect.  He can turn and run, tackle, he has it all.  Very impressive.

Take? He is going to Alabama.  Great get for the Tide.

DT Akeem Moore (6'5", 325). East Central C.C. (MS)


Akeem Moore Junior College Highlights (via xXxK33MMO3xXx)


Our thoughts on Moore: A big body in the middle.  Good skills for his size.

Take? FSU has not been in contact.  At this point, I would say no.

DB Dequan Menzie (5'11'' 200 4.5) Perinston (MS) Gulf Coast Community College. 

Our thoughts on Menzie: Excellent measurables.  Bama, UGA, Clemson, Auburn are all on him.  He graduated from Columbus Carver High School (class of 2008) in Georgia.  He is current FSU receiver Jarmon Fortson's former teammate.  He can flip and run (turn 'n burn).  Good closing speed, and he is a strong kid.

Take? Should be a serious candidate.  I would like to explore the high school options FSU has though.  Jimbo Fisher has made contact with Menzie.

DB Johnnie Dixon (5'11'' 190 4.4) Poplarville (MS) Pearl River C.C.

Dixon is an untapped talent with unlimited upside not only as a safety, but as a versatile athlete who possesses offensive and kicking game skills......One of the fastest safeties we have seen this year. Has excellent instincts for a guy who lacks experience, reads keys well and locates the ball carrier quickly. Possesses outstanding closing speed, takes the shortest path to the ball and is an explosive open field tackler capable of knocking the ball loose............... Shows the ability to change directions quickly, explodes out of cuts and has good short-area man-to-man cover skills. Possesses ideal size and range to play sideline-to-sideline. Has long arms and can cover the deep half of the field. Is tall, has good leaping ability and flashes the ability to catch the ball at its highest point.........Possesses good ball skills and is capable of making some big plays in coverage. REPHRASE

Our thoughts on Dixon: Haven't really seen much.  I only watched one game film, and the opposing team did not really throw or run to his side at all.  He was playing corner.

Take? There are rumors that FSU is interested. 

I would expect 2-7 (possibly more) JuCo players in this class.  JuCos add much needed physical maturity and depth to Florida State's roster.  These are not filler kids.  These are very talented kids who have many offers from premier teams.  FSU will not just take any JuCo.

Bobby Bowden is destroying FSU's recruiting efforts

Recruits simply don't care about him anymore.  You even have five stars joining Blackout Group on Facebook.  Bowden doesn't actively recruit.  Except for in homes and officials and unofficials.  Basically, except for December and January, recruits have to come see Bowden, not the other way around.  Look at Kiffin, Meyer, and Carroll. Those are head coaches that are actually involved.  Meyer was on the sideline of the STA-Byrnes game (featuring multiple FSU prospects).  Where was Bowden?  I would wager that he was sleeping. Coaches have to be involved in the recruiting game now.  Bowden simply is not.  FSU is getting negatively recruited against HARD. "How do you know Bowden will leave?"  If you think negative recruiting does not have an impact, think again.  It does.  Most kids believe pretty much anything you tell them.  The coaches are doing damage control to the best of their ability.  It must be tough with basically half a staff.  This is really killing the Noles right now.

And, just because I couldn't resist........

MattDNole's Top Seven (Ten would lead to copyright issues) Reasons Why Bobby Bowden is Bad for Recruiting:
  1. Christian Jones is allergic to metamucil.
  2. Lamarcus Joyner is afraid of liver spots.
  3. His stories of "the good ol' days" in 1940s Alabama don't resonate with today's urban youth.
  4. Kids are looking for a father figure, not a Father Abraham figure.
  5. Old people smell funny.
  6. It didn't help when he asked Christian Green to park his car on Christian's unofficial visit.
  7. He thinks a Twitter is a cream-filled dessert cake.

A fitting conclusion.