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Will Bowden retire Tuesday? Here's the latest .....

This report comes from FSUncensored ....

As has been widely reported, Bobby Bowden said at today's luncheon that his future at FSU will be addressed at a Tuesday press conference and that it will be "his decision."

My sources say Bowden wasn't given a legitimate option to return and they believe he will retire. Bowden will make it look like it was his decision. He doesn't agree with it but is very prideful and won't be embarrassed. He is definitely not all there in his advanced age. As I indicated yesterday, there was simply no way the powers-that-be could let someone in his current condition continue to make football decisions.

If he was coming back he would have announced it today --  in front of a few hundred boosters/friends. He wouldn't need press conference to announce it. Also, they wouldn't set a specific date if a decision wasn't already made.

This has all been in the works since September after the USF game/BC sideline circus/homecoming 35k empty seats debacle. Bowden might not have believed it, but his people knew of it. Big boosters told the FSU administration they wouldn't support an incompetent and they were especially concerned about Bowden's diminished mental capacity.

There was some talk of Bowden being offered an opportunity to return as a ceremonial head coach with no powers but I believe that after he rejected it in early September, the offer was off the table. People close to Bowden indicate that even though he needs the money, he is too prideful to coach under those terms.

Again, based on the information I have received, I believe Bowden will retire, that the decision has been made and that all that remains is discussing how much extra cash he will receive on top of his guaranteed $1 million. At this time I am unsure if he will welcome the ambassador role to help FSU boosters raise extra money in exchange for money.