FSU's New Coaches: Jimbo Fisher tells us what they all have in common.

He said: "In my opinion, the biggest thing they have, they’re all high energy guys that love ball. I mean, football, they live, eat and breathe it … the biggest characteristic about them, which I think, I think they’re all very good football coaches, very knowledgeable with what they do, get the big picture. Not only get their position but I think get a lot of big-picture guys, which really helps. And I think they’ve all been good recruiters. They’ve all proven over time that they can recruit players. And you get the double-edged sword, which I think you’ve got to have." He later came back to the question and added some more: "The other quality you asked me and I guess I kind of slipped over it, too, I think they’re all good guys. I think they’re all good team guys. They’re good chemistry guys. And I think that’s as important on your staff – you’ve got recruiters, you’ve got coaches, but how they fit in to each other and their personalities and how they get along and all those things. Now that don’t mean you ain’t going to argue. Heck, all coaches argue and in your meetings you sort it out. But they get the big picture of things." Above quote from AC's Chopping Block. Click here to read the full story. In the past two weeks, Fisher has hired four assistant coaches — Eddie Gran, Mark Stoops, Dameyune Craig and Greg Hudson — and he said he’s not far from filling out the staff completely. "Decently close," he said. "The last position we’re working on filling right now. And it may come now or it may come when we get back after the break, depending on how the rest of this week goes." He also expects to name a new strength and conditioning coach in the coming days as well. "We’re working on that right now, too," Fisher said. "We’ve got to make sure that’s in line hopefully by the time we get cranked up and get back on the 6th or 7th (of January). They’ll be in there cranking and getting it done right off the bat." Above quote from I am giddier than a little schoolgirl who knows she is getting a Malibu Barbie Dollhouse and a My Little Pony on Christmas morning, about the prospect of having a fully functional, full time, hard working coaching staff starting on January 2, 2010. The Jimbo Era begins in 4 days. Also, check this out. For Florida State, a time of reflection and preparation for the future in days leading to Gator Bowl