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Florida State Recruiting Interview Notes from LaMarcus Joyner and Christian Jones

LaMarcus Joyner spoke with the media after going through practice in Orlando at Disney's Wide World of Sports
LaMarcus Joyner spoke with the media after going through practice in Orlando at Disney's Wide World of Sports

At the Under Armour All-America Game Practices today I was able to hear from both LaMarcus Joyner and Christian Jones after the practices and before they went on to do the preliminary rounds of the skills competition. These are some of the notes I have from the interviews. They won't be fully transcribed from my voice recorder but will cover all of the major points that they spoke on. Earlier in the day I did a scouting notebook and photo gallery of all of the targets that FSU has at the game. They are all playing on the White team in the game on Saturday. In the morning there will be a fully transcribed interview with Corey Lemonier.

Click on the Jump to read what Joyner and Jones had to say on this day.

LaMarcus Joyner:

Joyner started out talking about his committment to the Seminoles saying that "it fulfilled a dream, I feel pretty good about it, it came from the heart and as far as since then " guys have just really been trying to help me recruit for this class, me being one of the leaders of this class, I hope to do that after this game, me and Jeff Luc another committment for FSU."

Joyner was asked specifically who he has been trying to recruit as far as guys at the game, and he replied "Mainly just Christian Jones and this guy here [points to Kenny Shaw who was standing next to him being interviewed]. He went on to say that he felt they didn't need a lot of work, and that there was a pretty good chance they would be in the class. I asked him specifically about Corey Lemonier and if he was talking with him about FSU to which he said "you know I just try to tell them guys; all those guys the great things about FSU. Its not my job to recruit them but I just tell them all the great things about FSU." He stated that he was excited to play on the same side as some of the stand out guys in Florida that he had competed against and with in combines in the past few years in this game.

He went back to his decision to go to FSU when asked, and said that " it was just a decision from the heart, you know nobody told me to go, everyone was pulling me away from the school but in the end it was just a choice from the heart." When he was asked about the coaching changes he said "I have faith in those guys, Coach Bowden, Coach Andrews are gone but Coach Stoops is there, Coach Jimbo there those are two great guys." He was asked about if he had done research on Coach Stoops and responded that he had. He knew that Coach Stoops had coached a lot of the Miami guys who went on to play in the NFL, stating that " In Miami they compare me to those guys [Sean Taylor and Ed Reed] and if he can get me to that extra notch to be just like those guys or even better thats a great thing."



Christian Jones

On when he plans to commit: "It's going to be on National signing day. He said that he plans on taking his final official visit (he has already taken 4) to USC, and an unofficial to both FSU and Miami in January after that.

On FSU and distance: "FSU was the team I grew up wacthing them, they were my first so they are hard to turn away." but when he was asked if distance would play a role in where he decided to go to school he said "You have to leave home sometime, so it doesn't really matter to me" it seemed like other things were much more important to Christian than distance from home.

When asked about how  practice went today: He started out by saying it went really well and said "not to sound cocky but I feel like I held my own out there." He went on to say that since he has been here lots of guys have been in his ear. Jeff Luc is his roommate and has been recuiting hard and he also mentioned Kenny Shaw and LaMarcus Joyner. He also said that Corey Miller has been in his ear a lot for Tennessee.  He went on to talk about what he likes about Tennessee, "UT doesn't have a lot of great LB right now, but playing time isn't a huge deal to me."

Christian Jones played a little bit of DE in some of the drills in practice today, and he said that he thinks he might try to play with his hand on the ground a little bit in college so he wanted to try it out. He said thathe "wants to play OLB", but there is a chance that he plays some DE in college so he likes trying it.