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Florida State Seminole Target Corey Lemonier Q & A

Corey Lemonier is one of the best players regardless of position in the state of Florida and is considered the best DE in the state.
Corey Lemonier is one of the best players regardless of position in the state of Florida and is considered the best DE in the state.

Q: There were obviously a lot of stars here today, what was it like out there for you?

A: It was good, just going against the best, it was good. I think I did good, I still gotta get better and work on some things though.

Q: You went to Hawaii recently, how did that go with the All-America Bowl?

A: Well the whole thing was real nice, the place was beautiful. Again playing against the Polynesian kids it was a real experience [how does it compare?] Polynesians they can play, they just don't have the size if most of them was 6'5'' you know or 6'7'' they would have easily won because they are really good.

Q: You're last visit was to LSU, how did that go?

A: It was really good, it went good. They showed me around the place, showed me the school, everything from a regular trip, they showed me the situation I would be in. So it was good.

Q: I know LSU, Auburn, and FSU have you taken all of your visits yet?

A: Yeah I'm done with that I'm finished with my visits. I'm going to make my decision in February, on signing day I will decide.

Q: Do you plan to take any unofficials before then?

A: I'm supposed to be going to FSU soon, and maybe Florida. I'm going to go to Miami too before then. I don't know if I will visit Auburn again, [do you know the date of your FSU visit] Umm no, I don't know yet.

Q: What are you looking for in a school when you make your decision?

A: Having a good experience, you know a ood college experience and making the best of my opportunity. Also going in and trying to work for playing time, and just having a good 4 or 3 years there. [Is Location an issue] Nah, my mom and dad already told me its not a situation so I never thought it was a situation with me.

Q: What are the schools still in the race for you at this point?

A: All the schools that have been really on me, but Tennessee, Auburn, Florida State, Miami, and probably thats it.

Q: What do you feel about FSU, Jimbo Fisher and what is going on there?

A: Its something new, so like just everyone has been liking it, a lot of committs have been going there so it seems like everyone is liking it there. [ As a follow up Coach Gran is now at FSU and was at UT] Yeah umm, sometime after I come back he is going to come with a few coaches from FSU to come to my house. He was my recruiter at Tennessee, yeah.

Q: Does Calvin Smith committing to UT hold any weight with you?

A: Its good, because if I do go there I will have somebody I can know and talk to, but I am not going to make my decision based on that.

Q: There are a couple guys who are committed to FSU on your team have they been talking to you at all?

A: Yeah, umm, like [Jeff] Luc has got my phone number, he has been talking to me a couple of times. We talk like Come to FSU, Come to FSU, its nothing serious like my roommate (Corey Miller) he is committed to Tennessee, and its all night. I'm talking like 12 at night to 4 in the morning, like Corey Miller, shut up.