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Blog Poll: Basketball Style Week 3

Well, it certainly has been an interesting week in basketball. Upsets galore. Bracketbusters galore. A 38-33 game. This was a tough week...except for FSU...

Rank Team Delta
1 Pittsburgh 2
2 Memphis 3
3 Connecticut 2
4 North Carolina 2
5 Duke 1
6 Clemson 5
7 Oklahoma 1
8 Louisville 1
9 Missouri 4
10 Michigan St. 2
11 Arizona St. 1
12 West Virginia
13 Wake Forest 2
14 Kansas
15 Marquette 2
16 Gonzaga 2
17 UCLA 10
18 Purdue 2
19 Villanova 3
20 Washington 2
21 Texas 3
22 Illinois 1
23 Florida St.
24 Louisiana St.
25 Brigham Young 2
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Xavier (#19), Kentucky (#25).

So this was a tough week and the bottom of the bracket has been a revolving door.

As you all know, I heavily rely on the Pomeroy rankings. But, to dilute that bias, I create my own poll, then take the average of Pomeroy, My Poll, the AP and the ESPN polls. This results in some major movement for some teams and not so much for others. And, the AP/ESPN polls are last weeks. My job doesn't allow me to update as the new polls come out, meaning there will be a delay in any shifts in those polls reflected here.

There are a couple of big games today after which I will make some changes.

Things to note, we're back in the poll, maybe a little generous at 23. Xavier and Kentucky drop out. UCLA continues to plumet. Pitt moves into the number one spot and Memphis jumps to number 2. Oklahoma only takes a small step down after a loss in Texas with out Griffin.

I look forward to your thoughts. This was a tough week to sort out and I'm happy to make changes.

Also check out my post on the tournament selection committee to see what we're up against this year.