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Updated 2/9 Blog Poll: Basketball Style

It's only week one of CBS Blog Poll for College Basketball and we're already causing a raucus with my rankings, taking home the Mr. Bold award for week one. Check out that link for the overall rankings and discussion from the blog world.

Take a look inside for my Top 25...for this week.

Rank Team
1 Duke
2 Connecticut
3 Pittsburgh
4 Louisville
5 North Carolina
6 Memphis
7 Oklahoma
9 Villanova
10 Missouri
11 Gonzaga
12 Purdue
13 West Virginia
14 Wake Forest
15 Arizona St.
16 Kansas
17 Clemson
18 Michigan St.
19 Washington
20 Brigham Young
21 Utah
22 Xavier
23 Texas
24 Florida St.
25 Marquette


2/9:  So my rankings have provided us the title of Mr. Bold for the CBS Blog Poll for week one. Having Duke at #1 was probably the cause of well as sneaking in BYU and Utah at the bottom of the poll. I look forward to next weeks discussion.

2/8: We're in. Butler's in. Georgetown is out. Gonzaga dropped. Our addition to the list may be more emotional/reactionary, but I do think we deserve it. Tied for 4th in the ACC with our only losses against Pitt, Duke, UNC, Northwestern (ugh) and at Miami. Any last thoughts?

2/7:The most represented conferences are the ACC and the Big East. Yes, I'm a total Homer for our conference and I think the Big East is the next best. I don't think the Pac-10 is quite there yet. I reward balance and gut feeling from watching games, hence the reason Louisville and Gonzaga sit so high. This is probably a little generous for the two teams and I could easily be convinced to move them down. Even though Duke got hammered by Clemson, I still think they are the top team in the country. They had a terrible night. Connecticut is a close second. They have an incredible center in Thabeet. Let me know you're thoughts. This is totally flexible and is a collective effort on behalf of Tomahawk Nation. I need to submit it Monday have at it.

Go Noles!