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CBS Blog Poll: Basketball Style Week 4

Inside you will find my entry for this week's CBS Blog Poll...some movement...not a ton. Look forward to your thoughts.

Rank Team Delta
1 Memphis 1
2 Connecticut 1
3 Pittsburgh 2
4 North Carolina
5 Louisville 3
6 Duke 1
7 Missouri 2
8 Oklahoma 1
9 Michigan St. 1
10 Kansas 4
11 Clemson 5
12 West Virginia
13 Wake Forest
14 Marquette 1
15 Arizona St. 4
16 Gonzaga
17 Purdue 1
18 Villanova 1
19 UCLA 2
20 Florida St. 3
21 Washington 1
22 Louisiana St. 2
23 Brigham Young 2
24 Illinois 2
25 Utah
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Texas (#21).

So there it is...Remember, when I put my poll together I use the average score of my personal poll, Ken Pomeroy, and the two major polls to create an initial draft of the poll. I then make a couple of small tweaks to present you the poll above.

Memphis may be a crazy choice at number one, maybe a reach. However, they have the longest winning streak in the country. They have the best defense in the country. Their only 3 losses in the season were in late November and early December to Xavier, Georgetown and Syracuse.  Since then, they have beaten Cincinnati, UAB, Gonzaga, Tennessee, well as everyone else they have played. I look forward to hearing about this selection (Remember, UNC, Pitt, UConn and OU all have lost in the past week or so)

Obviously, I'm a bit biased and have moved the Noles into the 20 spot despite losing to BC on the road. Again, a bit generous, but I really do think we have an outstanding team and deserve some attention. We may move a little in the national polls this week.

Clemson drops with back to back losses. ASU takes a bit of a hit as well.  They are a great team and suffered two back to back difficult losses. They may have been getting a bit ahead of themselves.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and potential changes. Again, group I am totally amenable to changes.