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ACC Championship Game Thread: Florida State 69 vs. Duke 79

It's game time. After you have read the preview below, check back in here for the game thread and a couple of other bits of pre-game reading.


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Tough Loss. On to the NCAA Tournament. Head up Toney

Florida State guard Toney Douglas (23) walks to the bench during a break in the action against Duke during the second half of an NCAA championship college basketball game at the Atlantic Coast Conference men's tournament in Atlanta, Sunday, March 15, 2009. From AP Photo by AP.

ACC Tournament Preview video.

A nice article from's take on the game yesterday.

I guess that Leonard Hamilton wasn't surprised that his young Seminoles has made it to where they are today, referring to them as a bit of a 'mystery':

"We've been somewhat of a mystery to people all year long," FSU head coach Leonard Hamilton said. "And even though we had a lot of confidence in what we could become, not very many people really thought where we are now was possible. We felt all along that we had a chance to be a team of significance in the ACC."

An excellent article at about TD.

If you're going to the game...get your Warchant on.

And I have to show this video one more time, as Florida State Basketball IS "Where Amazing Happens."