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The Verdict is In: NCAA Ruling on FSU's Case Today at 3pm

Andrew Carter along with several other sources is reporting that Florida State has officially received word from the NCAA on the results of the Committee on Infractions' investigation.  There is a scheduled press conference today at 3pm EST to announce these findings.


I have been efforting to get a copy of this from FSU's Football Information Director for awhile now, so hopefully we will have the text of the document up soon.

Feel free to discuss your fear and trepidation for the next 4 hours.  Once the news breaks, we can discuss what it means to the Athletic programs at Florida State.

Before the end of today, I would expect an article on the steps our football program needs to take to deal with whatever scholarship reductions are imposed.


The St. Pete Times has taken a swing at what they believe will be the penalties:

-We would be put on a 4 year probation

-Updated: Men's football would lose 6 scholarships over 2 years. This would mean we'd operate under a cap of 82 scholarships until 2010. Considering we've operated under that limit the last three years, that wouldn't be too damning. Basically, Givens' won't be awarded his scholarship, nor any other eager walk-ons.

-The NCAA Men's Track Title FSU won last year will be forfeit.

-Forfeits in wins for various sports, including FSU Football from the 2007 season. This is only a good thing for those of us who believe this program cannot fully recover until all the old blood is drawn. The NCAA may be doing us a favor, applying this leach, then.

-Two scholarships lost in Mens Basketball, over the four years. So, we could choose when and how the penalty would apply.

Since we're on the subject of football scholarships, here's a quick and easy reference to our current list of scholarship players.  We will be referencing this list quite often this afternoon.