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Wednesday Open Recruiting Thread 04.22.09: The next Rodney Hudson?

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Welcome to the Wednesday Open Recruiting Thread (hereinafter, WORT).

As always, we center our recruiting coverage around the 2010 Recruiting Big Board.  Some of these updates have not been submitted in the table, but they will be.


  • Meet Tramell Williams.  He's a teammate of FSU's new walk-on Tight End prospect, Jonathan Wallace for Jacksonville Lee High.  FSU will likely take one or two interior line prospects this year, and I think one of these could end up being Tramell Williams.  6' 1-1/2", 253lbs with good body composition (very low body fat).  He ran a 4.95 40 yard dash at the ESPN Under Armour Combine and a 5.13 at the NUCombine.  Showed good lateral quickness with a 4.3 shuttle time.  Then went and showed very well in 1-on-1's against multiple defensive line prospects who are sure to be rated 4*'s or higher.  Plays with good knee bend and effectively uses his pads and his hands.  Has the frame to play at 290lbs.  He reminds me of Rodney Hudson in that he is not an overly hyped prospect, who plays smart and is a very good but somewhat undersized athlete.     Oh, and as you can see, he wants to play for FSU and is a big Nole fan. 

    I recently had the chance to speak with Williams.  [Ed. Note:  Williams is smart.  Sometimes these prospects are unable to form consecutive intelligible sentences.  That was not the case with Williams.]  He said that he's a lifelong FSU fan.  Williams mentioned that he's been in contact with FSU offensive line coach Rick Trickett and that Trickett would stop by his school.  We chatted about the ideal system for him (something that lets him use his quickness).  In addition to his snapping (at which he's already pretty good considering he doesn't play center currently), Tramell says he needs to continue to work on finishing his blocks, getting stronger, and reading 2nd level defenders.

    Williams has already taken his SAT, scoring a 900, and boasts an impressive 3.4 GPA... which means that he is already fully qualified.  Williams seems to be one of those guys who really enjoys playing football (as opposed to a guy who plays it only because he's talented).  I don't know if we will offer Williams.  He is on the radar, however, and I don't think we could go wrong extending an offer. 
  • Delroy Steele, DT, Apopka
  • CB Garry [sic] Peters from American Heritage H.S. in Conyers, GA.
  • SDE/ DT Richard Ash, from Pahokee HS
  • DB Robert Boswell, from Flemming Island (FL)
  • DB Demar Dorsey, Gator commit looking around
  • J.R. Ego Ferguson, DE from DC area.  I hadn't added this kid because I figured it was a token offer by FSU, but apparently he has connections to Florida, and is friends with FSU DL commit Darius Cummings. 
  • TE Alex Welch, Ohio
    From member and Ohio resident Ghanki:
    FSU offered him last week, but he just picked up offers from UNC and South Carolina today. The South is really coming at him hard. You are the biggest "name" program to have offered him. If his offer list stays similar to what it has now then you have a very real chance. FSU has taken some kids from Ohio these past few years, and this is giving you some buzz with the kids. He does have some nice offers from secondary programs that are closer than Florida- Kansas, Cincinnati, Boston College, Wisconsin, etc. I don’t know if distance would be a problem with him, but I would guess not. Get him down for a visit and you have something for sure.  Film here.
  • LB Ralph Williams, Gulliver Prep (same school as 2009 FSU WR recruit Rodney Smith).  No offer yet, I think it's just a verbal offer (showing significant interest but not a formal offer).
  • LB Aramide Olaniyan, Duke Commit.  Tennessee and Michigan are the other notable schools to offer. says:  The kid knows how to get into the backfield.  Film Here.
  • DE Corey Crawford, from Carver HS (Jarmon Fortson's HS).  I happen to think we will land him.  
  • DB Khalid Marshall


  • WR Prospect James Louis, who has verballed to the Gators
  • DE BJ Butler, who committed to Georgia
  • DT Tavadis Glenn, who committed to Miami.  Major whispers about his character.  Miami is putting together a very impressive class of defensive tackles.
  • WR Solomon Patton, who did not list FSU in his top 5. 
  • LB LaDarius Owens, who didn't mention FSU in a recent interview.
  • QB Jake Heaps, who is a West Coast Mormon faith kid and was definitely not coming to FSU.
  • DE Craig Sanders, soon to be a Bama commit. 


  • DB Lamarcus Joyner had a fantastic visit in Tallahassee where he was able to meet legendary FSU cornerback, super bowl champion, and future defensive backs coach Terrell Buckley.  Here's my take on Lamarcus' situation.  I think that there is a top group of FSU, OSU, Tenn, and Bama, in some order of which I am not completely certain.  I'm also pretty sure that LaMarcus will choose to stay in a warmer weather state unless the colder weather state school is much better.  Lamarcus spoke with Bowden for 30 minutes, Fisher for an hour, and got to hang with TBuck for an hour.  I'm happy with the way FSU is handling this at this point. 
  • DE David Perry named UF as his leader.  FSU is still very much in this.  Miami has also offered.
  • From  Saint Thomas Aquinas(FL) DB Keion Payne visited FSU this past week w/ best friend LaMarcus Joyner. Payne, who only has a verbal offer from FSU at this time, said Florida St. is his #1 school. If FSU gives him a written offer I expect him to commit on the spot and that would further cement Joyner to Florida State. Payne has joined Joyner at the UT spring game.  Panye has solid size for a DB, and he will get tested a lot this year at STA (being the new kid on the block).
  • Per  Olive Branch(MS) OL Shun Coleman has committed to Auburn. This will only help w/ the recruitment of Coleman's teammate Damien Robinson.
  • Another note on ThaRinger:  The site will be relaunched on May 10th, with forums.
  • Per Tharinger:  Tavares Barnes tried to commit to UF, but was rejected by Urban.  Apparently the Gators want to see him in person.  Hopefully they just messed up big time, but I expect UF to land him.  Color me shocked if he isn't a Gator.
  • J.R. Ferguson, a probable five star in the next Rivals update, is originally from Titusville, Florida, and he is friends with current Seminole commit Darious Cummings.  "Ego" Ferguson is supposed to be at Seminole Showtime.
  • Per  Ft. Lauderdale(FL) DB Cody Riggs has named Notre Dame as his leader. Also hearing that Riggs has cancelled his trip to Columbus. I would expect Riggs to announce for Notre Dame and to do it pretty soon.


A few ESPN Scouting Reports:

Jeff Luc:

Luc may be the most physically, superior linebacker in this class, hands down. Has prototypical size with his compact, thickly-built body and possesses very little body fat on his bulky 241-pound frame. Has longer, stronger arms to keep blockers off his body. Plays the game extremely tough, aggressive and physical. Consistently is around the football making plays even in pass coverage. His strength lies at the point of attack where he shows great short-area power and explosiveness. One of the better downhill fillers we have seen in recent years. Rarely turned out of the hole. Needs to polish up hand technique but scrapes well over trash when pursuing off-tackle and stays square eliminating cutback creases. Not real fast-twitched but quick enough to beat blockers to the hole and has adequate-to-good lateral agility and mobility sifting through the wash. Effective blitzer with his good timing and ability to generate great power and velocity quickly in the short-area. He may lack great speed on paper but has good football range for a stout inside run stopper and flashes equally impressive sideline-to-sideline chase speed. Can lumber a bit but closes hard, fast and with a nasty attitude. Textbook tackler who drives his hips through ball carriers with great force; rarely ever any second efforts by backs. Our main concern is his lack of great hip-fluidity and sharp change-of-direction skill; these weaker areas are often masked by his great intensity and direct pursuit angles to the ball. May have a bit of trouble slipping the faster cutoff block at the next level and mirroring quicker backs on inside zone schemes if employed strictly in the middle. Lacks great reactive athleticism and could get caught up in the fast moving traffic. That said, it's hard to find many physical flaws in Luc's game filling downhill and he will surprise you with his deceptive athleticism, particularly in space; could play the strong side in certain schemes. Upside may be limited but Luc is ready to make the college jump right now and should see early playing time.

 Marvin Jones is a pretty good comparison, I think.  The Big 3 will battle over this kid.

Richard Ash:

Ash moves around the defensive line in high school and at this point he is a bit of a 'tweener between the tackle and end spot. He could start off in college as a defensive end, but in the long run we think he projects as a defensive tackle or at least as a swing guy like he is now. He has good size and should be able to add more good bulk. He has a good get-off and is a kid capable of getting some quick penetration. He is a physical kid at the point of attack. He does a good job of using his hands to create some separation and he can hold his ground. He does though need to watch his pad level as he can get tall. That can lead to him being pushed off the ball or just make it tougher for him to control and shed from the blocker. He gets his hands on, but at times tries to out muscle the blocker and you would like to see him be more explosive from the hips and make things a little easier on himself. He has good straight-line speed. Displays solid recognition skills. He is a solid tackler. As a pass rusher he can work a move like the quick swim and get into the quarterbacks face. He can also bull rush some. Ash is a versatile defensive line prospect. We feel he will grow into a defensive tackle and his skills will be better used there, but he offers some versatility also.

 Ash is maybe the fastest rising prospect in the nation.  USC could get onboard soon with an offer.


De'Joshua Johnson:

Johnson is one of the most explosive, electrifying wide receiver prospects this class has to offer. Pahokee has produced some great skill players the last two years in CB Janoris Jenkins and WR Nu'Keese Richardson and Johnson may be the most explosive of the three. He is as quick as he is fast. Gets from 0-60 MPH in a hurry. He shows the ability to get off the line with burst and quickness and is a tough guy to press at the line. Shows exceptional separation on vertical routes. Consistently turns defensive backs around and shows the ability to explode into and out of his cuts. Has the rare ability to stop and start with no wasted motion and is a terror in space. He has excellent hands, shows the ability to snatch on the run and get upfield immediately. Shows good body control, can adjust to poorly thrown balls and has a second gear when tracking down vertical throws. Can create separation immediately in tight man-to-man matchups. Runs crisp routes, knows how to get open and is very fluid. Has rare change of direction, is a threat after the catch, and is elusive in the open-field. Can be an explosive returner in the kicking game. Johnson is extremely lean and muscular and built in similar fashion to former teammate Richardson and must bulk up considerably in the upper body, does not have great height, but isn't on the shorter side either. is built like a spaghetti noodle. Likely won't be much of a redzone threat on jump balls. Overall, Johnson can flat out run and he is a player all coaches covet because he causes problems in space. Outstanding prospect.

 'Nole on September 27th.


Brandon Willis:

Willis is a good defensive line prospect. He plays a little out of position in high school as mainly a defensive tackle. He does not have ideal type size for that position, but he is a big kid and actually is very productive as an interior player. He will project at the college level as a defensive end, but could be a guy used to slide to down inside in certain situations to get favorable match-ups. He has good natural size and a frame to keep adding bulk and that natural size allows him to offer some versatility as far as where plays. He has a good get-off, nothing that makes you go wow, but he gets moving fast enough. A big reason for his success is the fact that he is very active with his hands. He shoots them and can separate from blockers. He is consistently using them to get hands on blockers and keep himself protected. He is tough at the point of attack and when he keeps his pads down he can take on a blocker and hold his ground. His ability to punch and shed allows him to take on double teams and work down the line of scrimmage. He does a good job of getting into gaps and crossing the line and staying square. He does a real job being able to shed from blocks and has the ability to get his hips turned and get skinny and work past blockers. He is a good tackler, but can get a little tall. Displays good speed and a good motor. He displays good strength and can bull rush his way back and because he is active with his weapons and can get his hips flipped he can be a disruptive pass rusher. Willis is a smart, active, and physical player. He is not your fastest end whose game is built on running by and around blockers, but he has the tools to be a very good college defensive end against the run and pass.

 Another elite defensive line prospect that we have a great shot at.  Do work, Odell!



CB Cliff Coleman, from Lauderdale Lakes .  He is in the 5'11 range, and he weighs roughly 170 pounds.  He goes to high school at Boyd Anderson, the same school as Demar Dorsey.


What are your thoughts about this offer?  I think the film is decent, and he is probably a good candidate for a verbal offer.  I do not think he can commit at this present time.


And just because it bears watching again:


Ridiculous.  Joyner is supposed to be at the Seminole Showtime, a event in which Terrell Buckley and Deion Sanders (probable) will attend.  We can only hope this recruitment wraps up before the season starts.  It would greatly reduce the terrible loss of Willie Downs.  



  • Kenny Shaw says he will be in Tally this weekend.  Could there be a commitment here from the Orlando wideout?


  • FSU will host two High School camps.  First on the 10th, 11th and 12th and then 13th, 14th and 15th.
  • Seminole Showtime is July 18th!  (This is a big event)
  • Rumor that FSU will have a 7 on 7 camp on May 25th (that's a Saturday).

As always, check the 2010 Recruiting Big Board.


Question:  What do you think is the biggest need for the 2010 FSU recruiting class?  Take into account the recent loss of Willie Downs and C.J. Mizell and our lack of depth at defensive end and tackle.