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Monday Morning Tomahawks- 5.18.09

It's an extremely slow Monday morning.  Extremely.  Like... Penn State Linebacker slow.

But seriously folks, I'm not here to mock Penn State's slow white linebackers.  I'm here to mock how ugly their women are and how much it sucks to be stuck in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. 

Since that is out of the way, let's travel around the rest of the Nole interwebz...


  • Uncensored took a look at our preseason rankings.  WARNING: This article contains statistical material.  It's tiny statistics though, so I think everyone should be able to handle it.  If I can get his database today I'll try to add in some analysis using the median (which is more resistent to outliers than the mean).
  • Coley is in New Orleans today according to his Twitter page.  I'm pretty sure this means he is visiting Trovon Reed.
  • Yes, Fred Pickett commited to West Virginia this weekend.  No, we're not that concerned.  The coaches should definitely keep their eyes on the ball in the Muck, however.
  • is reporting Tavaris Barnes has a top two of Florida State and North Carolina.
  • Tharinger also says Keion Payne is waiting on an offer from FSU.  I personally feel like we should offer and actively recruit the entire St. Thomas Aquinas secondary since they are all talented and to show LJ et al how interested we are.  If we can get 2-3 of the 4 (preferrably LJ + Riggs/Payne), and still try to sign Mitchell and/or Noel we would have a truly great DB class coming in.   Check out the 2010 Big Board for more info on these guys.
  • Orlando Noles, don't forget that you can meet the man himself tonight.  That's right, Andrew Carter will be at the Seminole Club meeting at One Eyed Jack's at 6:30.  Oh, and Jimbo Fisher might make an appearance too.  Anyone who can attend and give us a recap of the proceedings will earn their official Tomahawk Nation cub reporter badge.
  • Over the weekend the baseball team got the sweep and the softball team was eliminated from the NCAA tournament.  If you're really THAT interested in softball, I'd suggest you head over to ScalpEm to find out what happened.
  • Here's an official schedule and TV listings for the ACC Baseball Tournament this week.  We're the top seed, but I think we got a tougher draw than UNC.

See something we missed?  Let us know in the Comments!!


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