Phil Steele Florida State Preview


Much like we've been saying over the past few weeks, FSU's schedule is brutal. As such, Phil Steele predicts they will finish unranked, at #34. Please note that this is not a power ranking. It's an end of year projection. Again, this should probably serve as another wake up call to those who feel the need to run to vegas and predict that the 'Noles will win 10 of 12 games. I should also note that this ranking doesn't reflect our ACC championship hopes, as it is surpressed by the devestating non conference schedule, something most teams do not face. That non conference schedule, of course, doesn't have any bearing on the ACC race. FSU's opp's were 101-55 (64.7%) LY which is the highest winning % of any team's foes this year. 11 of the 12 had winning records and the other (NCSt) was in a bowl but fi nished 6-7. This year's non-conf foes include BYU, USF and Fla with 2 of them on the road. This figures to be the best FSU team since 2004 and despite the tough schedule, they are a prime contender in the Atlantic. Could we have the best FSU team in half a decade and finish unranked because we play the toughest schedule in the nation?