Florida State Wide Receiver Richard Goodman Arrested on Old Charge (Charge Stemming From the Infamous 2008 Brawl)


The story says Aggravated Battery causing bodily harm or disability. The Democrat says this likely stems from the brawl in the union, meaning that it's not a new incident, but rather an arrest stemming from an incident that happened 7 months ago. Old news. Aggravated Battery is a felony charge, punishable by up to 15 years in prison, but it's hard to prove. There needs to be some serious bodily harm in order to convict. Typically, this crime involves a weapon, and I am guessing that they think Goodman is the alleged chair thrower (thrower was alleged to have dreadlocks, causing some to speculate that Surrency had thrown the chair). Goodman is a Redshirt Senior from STA (Lauderdale) **Updated**: As I speculated about above, police do claim that Goodman is the chair swinger, per Andrew Carter.