FSU DT McDaniel drafted 1006th overall. Will play Football and never seriously considered baseball.


As we told you months ago, Jacobbi McDaniel is not and was not a serious baseball prospect. He said he would need $1.5 Million to sign, and he was drafted about 985 picks too late to get that type of signing bonus. A FIRST round pick in the 14-18 range just got offered 1.7Million. FIFTH round picks get offered 170K-300K. There's some ridiculous internet rumor that McDaniel, a THIRTY-THIRD rounder, not even in the top 1000 picks, got an 800K offer to sign. A 33rd rounder getting 4X the amount of an average 5th rounder? I'd like to see a reputable news outlet report that offer with info from the Brewers. I believe that rumor to be false and plan to ask Brewers people and whatever scouts I can get ahold of about that.