Florida State Alumni & Supporters Release Response to FSU's Response to NCAA COI's Response to FSU's Appeal

As I sit here writing this, a mixture of emotions are running through me. Emotions like embarassment, shock, horror, and disbelief. Each day I watch FSU's name being dragged through the mud in a sequence of appeals that serve absolutely no purpose other than to protect the win's of an 80+ year old egotist. Today, it was FSU's response to the COI's response to FSU's appeal (download the document and read the comments in the comment section of an excellent former appellate lawyer here).

Even on his way out the door, we are once again subjected to the enormous middle-finger of TK as he barrels down a selfish path with no reservations or thought given to the University whatsoever. Just when we thought we had seen it all, from the Jeff Bowden debacle along with the fall of the Dynasty right down to the biggest academic cheating scandal in the history of FSU (under TK's watch) here we have yet another blatant example of stupidity and ignorance.

I was waiting for the punch line there on page 19 of the "reponse" when we actually compared our current punishment to a hypothetical ban on the post-season, which will by far outweigh ANY current punishment we have received would actually be more FAIR to the University than taking away a few wins from an old man who doesn't even coach anymore. I mean that is a joke right? To even make the comparison is dangerous public relations, as an FSU opponent could suggest that the FSU appeals team is seriously suggesting that just that- forfeiting hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, (much less national exposure for future recruiting) is a worthy price tag for the pride of a man who has been milking the University for every penny he can get for the better part of this decade...

Time to step away from the keyboard for a second before I owe my workplace a new monitor.

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