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FSU's All-Time #1 Defensive Players By Position

A Collaboration of Fsued, Rich from, and FrankDNole.

Welcome to the first installment of a 2 part collaboration where we will select our FSU All-Time #1 Players.  Today in part one, we will name our All-Time #1 Defensive Players, and in part 2 we will list our FSU All-Time #1 Offensive Players.  These are the players we feel were the best at their position, had the most productive FSU careers, and whose contributions helped earn the FSU Seminoles the #9 most prestigious ever college football team ranking, according to the ESPN Research’s countdown of the most prestigious teams from 1936-2008.

As always, we here at TN appreciate and encourage your comments, thoughts, and opinions, whether you agree or disagree with our selections.  These selections took some serious debating on our part before we finally agreed on these players.  Please feel free to tell us who we missed or where we went wrong.  Also, please keep in mind this compilation is based strictly on the performances that these fine athletes had only during their time here while attending FSU.

Inside: Our FSU All-Time #1 Defensive Players By Position.

Our FSU All-Time #1 Defensive Players By Position are:

Key:  GP=games played, CT=career tackles, Sck=sacks, TFL=tackles for loss, FF=fumbles forced, FR=fumble recoveries, PBU=passes broken up, BK=blocked kicks, QBH=qb hurries,

Note:  Stats do not include Bowl games played before 2002.  Some stats not available for earlier years.


True Nose Guard

Ron Simmons-NG (1977-80) Latest of the 4 FSU players to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.  FSU's first 2-time consensus All-American and too many other honors to mention here. 483=CT, 25=Sck, 44=TFL,19=FF, 8=FR, 4=BK


Defensive Tackles/Nose Guards Combo

Corey Simon-DT to NG (1996-99) Consensus All-American,  36=GP, 44=TFL, 193=CT, 11=Sck, 1=Int, 9=PBU, 3=FF, 3=FR

Alphonso Carreker-DT (1980-83) 19=TFL, 21=Sck, 252=CT, 1=Int, 4=PBU,  2=FF, 4=FR, 4=BK


Defensive Ends

Peter Boulware-DE (1993-96) 3 year starter (94-96), Consensus All-American, National Defensive Player of the Year, All-ACC, broke Ron Simmons season sack record of 12 sacks with 19 sacks and finished with 34 career sck, 33=GP, 151=CT,  28=TFL, 7=FF, 3=FR, 3=PBU, 1=BK

Reinard Wilson-DE (1993-96) Consensus All-American, FSU's all time career sack leader with 35.5 sck, 33=GP, 234=CT,  27=TFL, 2=Int, 7=PBU, 7=FF, 2= FR,1 safety



Marvin Jones-ILB (1990-92) 2-time Consensus All-American, First FSU player to win 2 awards in the same year by winning the Butkus and the Lombardi Awards in 1992, and too many other awards to list here.   27=TFL, 369=CT,  5.5=Scks, 3=Int, 1=FF

Derrick Brooks-OLB (1991-94 OLB) 2-time Consensus All-American, Football Writer's National Defensive Player of the Year as a junior and senior, finalist for the Butkus and Lombardi, and too many other football and academic awards to list here.   30=GP, 274=CT,  8.5=Sck, 18=TFL, 5=Int, 4=FF, 2=FR, and 3 career TD's

Paul McGowan-ILB (1984-87) FSU's first player to win a national award by winning the Butkus Award, 456=CT, 32=TFL,  3=Sck, 3=Int, 1=TD, 6=FF, 6=FR

Reggie Herring-LB (1977-80) 452=CT, 7=Sck, 13=TFL, 2=Int, 3=FF, 4=FR 


Corner Backs

Deion Sanders-CB (1985-88) 2-Time Consensus All-American, Jim Thorpe winner,  and too many other awards to list here,  Perhaps FSU's All Time Greatest Athlete (3 yrs Baseball and 3 yrs T&F), 4 year football starter, 43 GP, 14 Int, 4 TD's on Int's including one for 100 yards, 186=CT, 2=TFL, 2=QBH, 27=PBU, 4=FF, 1=FR, 3 TD's on punt rets (126 punts for 1429 yards or 11.3 avg, with long of 76 yds),

Terrell Buckley-CB (1989-91) Consensus All-American, Jim Thorpe winner, plus many other awards. Was also a 3 sport athlete, set NCAA career record for  interception yardage with 501, 21=Int, 4 TD's on Int's, 103=CT, 3=TFL,  15=PBU,  2=FF, 1=FR, 3 TD's on punt returns on 82 punts for 1000 yds with a 12.2 avg, and longs of 69 and 67



Leroy Butler-FS to CB (1986-89) Consensus All-American, Punt-Rooskie guy against Clemson in 1988,  194=CT, 1=Sck, 3=TFL, 9=Int including one for 87 yards, 2=TD, 14=PBU, 3=FF, 2=FR

Monk Bonasorte-S (1977-80) Arrived as 5th string walk on who then started 43 games, 15 career INT's, 201=CT, 3=TFL, 5=FF, 4=FR, 1=BK



Rohn Stark-P (1978-81) aka "Thunderfoot", many 1st team All-American honors, NCAA Decathlon finalist,  244 punts for 10,418 yards or 42.7 avg.  Also had a 16 year NFL career with 1,134 punts for almost 50,000 yards and a career avg of 43.6.


Punt Blocker

Bobby Butler-DB (1977-1980) Another 2 sport athlete (T&F) who blocked 5 punts, 11 Int, 101=CT. 4=TFL, 2=FR, 1=TD, 6=BK.  Also had a 12 year NFL Career.


FG Blocker

B.J. Ward-FS (2001-04) Another 2 sport athlete (T&F) who blocked 7 FG's. On defense had 138=CT, 3=TFL, 1=Int, 8=PBU,  2=FF, 2=FR, and also caught 6 passes as a WR.


Punt Returner

Willie Reid-WR (2002-05)-3 TD's on 69 punts for 1,063 yards or 15.4 avg, including a 87 and 83 yard return in 45 games.  Offensive stats=91=rec, 1046=yds for a 11.5 Avg, 3 TD, and  63 rushes for 309 yds or a 4.9 avg also with 3 Td's. Also had 16 Kick rets for 304 yards


All-Time Special Team Player

Joe Wessel-DB (1982-84)-5 career blocked kicks total including 4 blocked punts, 3 TD's scored off blocked punts, 3 TD's scored on punt returns



Odell Haggins-NG (1985-89) 278=CT, 16.5=Scks, 12=TFL, 1=Int, 1=TD, 9=PBU, 3=FF, 3=FR, 1=QBH

Darnell Dockett-DT (1999-03) FSU career leader in TFL with 65, 52=GP, 248=CT, 10.5=Sck, 51=QBH, 19=PBU, 4=FF, 1=FR

Andre Wadsworth-DE (1994-97) Consensus All-American, ACC Defensive Player of the Year, Outland Trophy Finalist, 42=GP, 233=CT,  23=Sck,  33=TFL,  4=PBU, 5=FF, 4=FR 

Jamal Reynolds-DE (1997-2000) Consensus All-American, 42=GP, 170=CT, 23.5=Sck, 33=TFL, 11=QBH,  3=PBU, 4=FF, 3=FR, 1=TD, 3=Safeties

Willie Jones-DE (1975-78) 20 TFL, 20 Sck, 183=CT, 6 FF, 8 FR, 1TD

Sam Cowart-OLB (1993-97) Consensus All-American, 33=GP, 338=CT, 9=Sck, 20=TFL, 1=Int, 5=FR, 3=TD

Paul Piurowski-LB (1977-80) 340=CT,  8=Sck, 7=TFL, 2=Int,1=TD, 8=FF

Corey Sawyer-CB (1991-93)  Consensus All-American, 13=Ints, 82=CT,  20=PBU, 2=FR

Bobby Butler-DB (1977-80)-11=Int, 101=CT. 4=TFL, 2=FR, 1=TD, 6=BK

JT Thomas-DB (1970-72) 140=CT, 10=Int, 1=TD, 1=FR, 6=BK

Chris Hope-FS (1998-2001) 46=GP, 234=CT, 8=TFL, 11=Int, 21=PBU,  4=FF, 2=FR, 1=TD

 PR-Deion Sanders (1985-88) 3 TD's on 126 punts for 1,429 yards or 11.3 avg.


OK, now it’s your turn.  Which players do you agree with and which do you disagree with, what changes would you make, and why?

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Finally, Today's Trivia Question Is (No cheating please)-Who is FSU's all time leading tackler?