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Anthony McCloud: Star in the Making?

Anthony (Amp) McCloud is a defensive tackle prospect currently at Itawamba Community College in Mississippi.  I am writing this piece because I believe that McCloud gets underrated and forgotten by our fans somewhat.  I think he has the potential to be a superstar.



To refresh your memory, Amp attended Thomas County Central high school in Thomasville, Georgia.  He graduated with the class of 2008.  He and teammate Debrale Smiley received offers from FSU the day of signing day.  They both signed.  Neither qualified, which was expected when we gave the offer.  Both were unknowns, partly because of where they went to school (South Georgia is notoriously underrated by networks), and also because neither had a chance of making it into school (South Georgia schools often produce kids who struggle to qualify, probably due to lack of resources in their public school system, similar to parts of Miami).

Inside is a scouting report, VIDEO, and some concerns.  Follow the jump!

However, McCloud was not underrated because he had no talent.  To the contrary, I've heard some say that he is on the level of 2009 signees Jaccobi McDaniel and Demonte McAllister.  Those familiar with Georgia high school football say that he was the best DL prospect in Georgia his senior year, ahead of five stars De'Angelo Tyson (UGA) and Omar Hunter (UF), as well as four star Brandon Thompson (Clemson).  ChantRant interviewed his head coach back in May.


Height: 6'2''
Weight: 285

Some video evidence:


Amp McCloud High lite video (via ytsejam180)

Very good burst off the ball.  Quickness and more quickness.  Has impressive raw strength.  Can use his hands better.  Runs very well for his size.  Amp can run down QBs that are scrambling or chase down running backs heading the other direction (pursuit).  He can probably play either the 3 tech or 1 tech (NG) defensive line positions in college.  With that being said, I (and others) think he should play the 1tech, or noseguard, position.  He's just so explosive for his size.  He can probably get up to 290 in our strength program.

Comparison:  Glenn Dorsey.  Both are generally the same size, and the burst off the ball is excellent.  Dorsey was a stud at LSU and was a first round pick of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008.

The Ultimate Glenn Dorsey Video (via Motorhead938)



  • High blood pressure - His coach says that he is working on it, taking medication.  This is a problem but at a major college, it really shouldn't be.  We willl get him on a plan.
  • Weight - Will he get down to 265 like rumored?  It's not happening for McCloud at FSU if that happens.  However, I haven't seen or heard anything to make me believe that he will be at that weight.

I have heard the rumor that McCloud is going to sit out this season at JuCo so he would have more eligibility when he came to FSU.  That is yet to be confirmed. If his grades are good, it seems FSU will take him and Smiley back in January. Per his coach, he is doing well in school and is developing good study habits. This is what I want to hear.

Hopefully we see Amp back at FSU in January along with his teammate.