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The Future? FSU Target's Comparable Players.

Many of you have probably seen me say that I don't really like comparisons for recruits because they don't fully do credit to the unique talents of the player. I prefer long technical player evaluations and watching a lot of film to try and get a grasp of what  player is and isn't. However often times player comparisons work very well, and can give a very real picture of a player's best assets because people have seen popular players so much. If I were to say that a runningback runs low and shifts weight like Barry Sanders all of you smaft football fans would know what I meant. So without (much) further ado, here are some of FSU's target recruits with their comparable players as FSUStateofMind, FSUncensored, and I see it.

 Please keep in mind these are merely playing style/physical comparisons, it is not to say these players are already or will be as good. It merely shows what they could be like if they work hard and fulfill potential.

Jones_medium  Peterson_medium 

OLB Christian Jones, Lake Howell HS: OLB Julian Peterson, Seattle Seahawks

Both are very long athletic linebackers who run well, and close on tackles extremely fast. They are both physical specimens. Christian is an extermely sure tackler, and while some think he ends up with his hand on the ground eventually this is a great comparison now. This was unanimous.


WR DeJoshua Johnson, Pahokee HS: WR Tyrone Prothro, Formerly Alabama

Before Prothro practically broke is leg in two he was a disaster for the SEC. He was always considered a small WR but made up for it by being extremely elusive and quick. DJJ compares favorably with Prothro on all of these levels and has quality hands as well. Another way of looking at him if you want to use FSU players is a mix between Bert Reed and Taiwan Easterling.

  Abrams_medium  Lynch_medium

S Chad Abrams, Kathleen HS: S John Lynch, Mostly Tampa Bay Bucs

What did John Lynch become famous for? Hitting. Hard. Chad Abrams absolutely sticks kids down there at Kathleen HS in Polk County. He is a ballhawk who still needs to refine his coverage skills, which were never John Lynch's best attribute either. But both can lay the wood and are good enough in coverage to be a menace to other team's receivers.

Joyner_medium  Berry_medium


CB LaMarcus Joyner St. Thomas Aquinas: S Eric Berry, University of Tennessee

Joyner truly is a unique talent. He does so many things well that it is hard to pin him to one guy. But if I said this: Best HS CB in the country, excellent tackler who drives through players with no problem, extremely quick and overly physical at the line of scrimmage; who am I talking about Berry or Joyner. FSUStateofMind comments "Eric Berry with a bit of Reggie Nelson spkrinkled in" sounds like a recipe, but true nonetheless.

  Smiley_medium  Bettis_medium

RB/FB Debrale Smiley, Thomas County Central: RB Jerome Bettis, Pittsburg Steelers

It's not just the size; although that is a big part (get it, big). Anyone who watched Bettis knows that he had excellent feet and body control/movement for a man of his size. He was not merely a straight forward, run you over back. Anyone who has seen the elusive Debrale Smiley highlight video, or even better seen him play live will tell you that the exact same thing can be said for him.

Bernard_medium  Maurice-jones-drew-3_medium

RB Gio Bernard, St. Thomas Aquinas: RB Maurice Jones Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars

I have to admit this is my favorite comparison of the entire article. You may have heard Gio weighed in at 210 lbs at Seminole Showtime. He is built compactly just like Jones Drew. He breaks a lot of tackles and has deceptive quickness and burst. I used to not be the biggest fan of Bernard, but if he can retain his skills (elite vision/ cut back ability included) at that weight he is the best back in the state of Florida.

Luc_medium  Willis_medium

LB Jeff Luc, Treasure Coast: LB Patrick Willis, San Francisco 49ers

Jeff Luc is one of the most physically imposing LB is recent history. Some say he is already physically maxed out. I say he is already physically ready for the NFl so it doesn't matter. Prototypical MLB players that scare offenses because they hit so hard. The knock on both of them has always been that they have trouble turning and covering in space. Patrick Willis dominated the SEC at Ole Miss, Jeff Luc will start his domination of college football soon.

Barnes_medium  Spears_medium

DE Tavaris Barnes, Jacksonville First Coast: DE Marcus Spears, LSU/ Dallas Cowboys

Barnes is extremely raw and plays way too high. Odell will get that under control. Marcus Spears also had some of the same problems when he first went to LSU. Spears frame allowed him to add a lot of good weight and become a dominant SDE. Barnes frame is very similar; his potential is very similar to Spears who was a first round pick.

Green_medium   Chad_jackson_medium

ATH Christian Green, Tampa Catholic: WR Chad Jackson, UF/Patriots

You'll have to excuse the image, but since UF recievers don't EVER do anything in the league he is more recognizable as a Gate. They have identical size, within an inch and 10 pounds of each other. Neither of them is the fastest guy on the field (Shaw and DJJ are faster) but they both have more than adequate speed. Also Jackson and Green excel in open space and finding running lanes with the ball in their hands, and can use their size if need be but don't rely on it. Jackson was an elite reciever in his time at UF, and Christian will be great in his time as a Nole(hopefully).

Note: We discussed this ad naseum. Dwayne Bowe, Michael Crabtree, and Braylon Edwards were discussed, however this made the most sense, and multiple people agreed on it.

C_miller_medium  J_anderson_medium

WDE Corey Miller, Byrnes HS: Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas/Falcons

Both are prototypical Weakside defensive ends who use a variety of pass rushing strategies not just outside speed rushing, although that is something they excel at. Jamaal Anderson put on good weight at Arkansas and was drafted high by the Falcons. Miller will add a great WDE for the next few years to our roster.

T_mitchell_medium  Alphonsosmith_medium

CB Terrence Mitchell, Hillsborough High: CB Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest

Both have a similarly small build, and both are perpetually underrated because of it. I don't have to tell FSU fans about Smith. Mitchell has a chance to do the same thing and prove some of the evaluators wrong about him. Many people I know who have seen him play live, and in 7 on 7 action say he is going to continue being a WR shadow.

Mccloud_medium  Dorsey_medium

DT Anthony "Amp" McCloud, Thomas County Central: DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU/Chiefs

McCloud is often overlooked for a number of reasons. First to be in good shape, not carrying bad weight. He is reportedly at a good 290 lbs (size matters folks). He wasn't heavily recruited because he was a known non-qualifier. However he plays like Glenn Dorsey which is a good thing for FSU if he does indeed get back here from JUCO. People in the N Florida/S Georgia area that I have talked to say that his talent compares pretty favorably to Jacobbi, if just a notch below.

Lattimore_medium  Tdavis_medium

RB Marcus Lattimore, Byrnes HS: RB Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos

This is a huge comparison to hang on a kid; a RB who helped define a decade in the league. However, I am comfortable with it. Lattimore shares more than just a great build. Davis was legendary for a few things. He had impecable vision, and he had feet, legs, and hips that made any cutback possible. Teamed with a burst from strong legs he didn't need top end speed to dominate. These skills worked perfectly for the zone blocking scheme employed in Denver. Marcus Lattimore's skill set practically mirrors the ones laid out for Davis. Just saying.

Terrance_brooks_medium  Janoris-jenkins-underarmour_medium

CB Terrence Brooks, Dennellon HS: CB Janoris Jenkins, UF

FSUStateofMind chimes in:

Their builds are very similar.  Both were underrated coming out of high schools.  And both were fans of the opposition (for their current teams' fans).  Jenkins was a huge FSU and ended up signing with Florida after Mickey Andrews didn't want him.  Brooks is a huge fan of UF and committed to FSU.  Jenkins and Brooks are hitters at the CB position.  We can only hope that Brooks makes the impact that Janoris Jenkins has.

I would add that Jenkins was ahead of Brooks in terms of technique at this time in recruitment, but Brooks has the size and hips to truly have Jenkins like potential.

So what say you, patrons of TomahawkNation?

-What are your favorites?

-Do you disagree with me? Why?

-Do you see some from other guys not included like Ed Christian, Brandon Willis, Brandon Gainer, Kenny Shaw (who I tried to come up with a good one for), Damien Jacobs, any of the TE's?