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1993 vs 1999-The #1 All-Time FSU And ACC Team Is...???

Recently while reading Andrew Carter's Chopping Block, I came across this post titled ’99 Seminoles: Best team in ACC history? in which AC analyzed another blog entry written by Andrew Jones of Buster Sports counting down the All-Time 10 top teams in ACC history.

In his countdown ACC Gridiron Legends, Mr. Jones proclaimed the ‘99 Noles as the All Time #1 team in ACC History, followed by the ‘93 Noles in second place. Here are Mr. Jones’ All-Time ACC Top 10 Teams.

1. 1999 Florida State

2. 1993 Florida State

3. 1981 Clemson

4. 1990 Georgia Tech

5. 1953 Maryland

6. 1992 Florida State

7. 1955 Maryland

8. 1996 Florida State

9. 1997 Florida State

10. 1998 Florida State

Since I had the privilege to witness first hand the road these two teams took to becoming the National Champions, I thought it might be fun to see if the TomahawkNation members wanted to jump into the '93 vs '99 debate. I will present pertinent information on both of these FSU National Championship teams, and ask you the TN readers to settle this debate once and for all. Unless of course you would rather discuss the appeal some more and in greater detail.

What I will attempt to do is break down both of these great teams into 6 categories, and post my opinion on which team has the avantage by category. The 6 categories I will analyze are:

1. Team statistics for the offenses.

2. Team statistics for the defenses.

3. Strength of schedule, opponents W/L records, and results vs. Top 25 opponents.

4. Number of All-Americans per team (consensus and otherwise)

5. Number of Senior players drafted into the NFL (excluding FA's).

6. Intangibles (strictly subjective).

After dissecting this information, I will choose my preference.

Here at TN, we value your comments, opinions, thoughts, and ideas, and as always we encourage you to respond by agreeing with me, or informing me that I have "rocks for brains" (thanks to noles55 for allowing me the use of his catchphrase).

Finally, due to popular demand, we have included a very professional, thorough, and scientific poll which will be open for 2 weeks, for you to cast your vote on who is The #1 ALL-TIME FSU AND ACC (by default) TEAM IN HISTORY. (We understand how highly you think of and enjoy these types of polls, but hey, it is the summer and what else is going on other than the aforementioned appeal).

*Disclaimer: Before we get started we must remember that the '93 team played 13 games compared to the '99 team which played 12 games.

1993 Overall Team Statistics

SCORING....................... 518 113
Points Per Game............. 43.2 9.4
TOUCHDOWNS................... 70 15
TDs Rushing................. 26 6
TDs Passing................. 37 9

FIRST DOWNS................... 350 194
RUSHING YARDAGE....... 2667 1182

Rushing Attempts........ 470 397
Average Per Rush....... 5.7 3.0
Average Per Game...... 222.3 98.5
PASSING YARDAGE..... 3909 2232
Att-Comp-Int.............469-327- 6 376-181-15
Average Per Game.... 325.8 186.0
TOTAL OFFENSE........ 6576 3414

Average Per Game........ 548.0 284.5

3rd-Down Pct................ .559 .302
SACKS ................................ 34 10


1999 Overall Team Statistics

SCORING....................... 412 174
Points Per Game........ 37.5 15.8
TOUCHDOWNS............ 49 20
TDs Rushing................. 17 6
TDs Passing................. 27 13
FIRST DOWNS............. 261 187
RUSHING YARDAGE..... 1358 1087
Rushing Attempts......... 393 387
Average Per Rush......... 3.5 2.8
Average Per Game.......123.5 98.8
PASSING YARDAGE...... 3332 2264
Att-Comp-Int.........420-250-17 305-217-22
Average Per Game....... 302.9 205.8
TOTAL OFFENSE........... 4690 3351
Average Per Game........426.4 304.6
3rd-Down Pct................ .429 .298
SACKS BY-YARDS........29-191 22-170

1. Team statistics for the offenses.

After going through these numbers, I'm quickly reminded of the offensive juggernaut that was the '93 Noles. The '93 team scored 106 more points, scored 21 more TD's, averaged 7 points more per game, had twice as many rushing yards while rushing for 100 more yards per game, allowed 12 fewer sacks, and averaged 119 more total yards per game.

Advantage to 1993 Noles.

2. Team statistics for the defenses.

The '93 teams defense for the season only allowed 113 points (9.4 avg), 5 fewer TD's, and had 5 more sacks. The rushing and passing yards allowed were pretty even, with the '99 team only allowing 20 more total yards per game.

Advantage to 1993 Noles.

3. Strength of schedule, opponents W/L records, and results vs. Top 25 opponents.

1993 Schedule and Results (12-1, Against ACC 8-0, Against Top 25 6-1)

1. @ Kansas (Kickoff Classic Won 42-0 (Finished 5-7)

2. @ Duke--Won 45-7 (Finished 3-8)

3. #21 Clemson--Won 57-0 (Finished 9-3 & #23)

4. @ #13 North Carolina--Won 33-7 (Finished 10-3 & #19)

5. Georgia Tech--Won 51-0 (Finished 5-6)

6. #3 Miami--Won 28-10 (Finished 9-3 & #15)

7. #15 Virgina--Won 40-14 (Finished 7-5)

8. Wake Forest--Won 54-0 (Finished 2-9)

9. @ Maryland--Won 49-20 (Finished 2-9)

10. @ #2 Notre Dame--Lost 24-31 (Finished 11-1 & #2)

11. North Carolina State--Won 62-3 (Finished 7-5)

12. @ #7 Florida--Won 33-21 (Finished 11-2 & #5)

13. #2 Nebraska @ Orange Bowl for NC--Won 18-16 (Finished 11-1 & #3)

*Opponents Combined Won/Loss Record= 92-62 or .5974 Winning Pct.*


1999 Schedule and Results(12-0, Against ACC 8-0, Against Top 25 5-0)

1. Louisiana Tech--Won 41-7 (Finished 8-3)

2. #10 Georgia Tech--Won 41-35 (Finished 8-4 & #20)

3. #20 N.C. State--Won 42-11 (Finished 6-6)

4. @ North Carolina--Won 42-10 (Finished 3-8)

5. Duke @ Jax--Won 51-23 (Finished 3-8)

6. #19 Miami--Won 31-21 (Finished 9-4 & #15)

7. Wake Forest--Won 33-10 (Finished 7-5)

8. @ Clemson--Won 17-14 (Finished 6-6)

9. @ Virgina--Won 35-10 (Finished 7-5)

10- Maryland--Won 49-10 (Finished 5-6)

11. @ #3 Florida--Won 30-23 (Finished 9-4 & #12)

12. #2 Virginia Tech @ New Orleans for NC--Won 46-29 (Finished 11-1 & #2)

*Opponents Combined Won/Loss Record= 82-60 or .5774 Winning Pct.*


According to Sorensons Division 1-A Teams Chi Square Linear Win - Difference - Ratio

The strength of schedule was greater for the '93 team even though it ranked lower nationally than the '99 team, in comparison to all the Division 1-A teams in the country.

1993 Record Record Schedule
Rank Strength Team Games Total Division Rank Strength

1 4488 Florida State 13 12 - 1 - 0 8 - 0 - 0 19 1316

1999 Record Record Schedule
Rank Strength Team Games Total Division Rank Strength
1 4461 Florida State 12 12 - 0 8 - 0 9 1234

3. Strength of schedule, opponents W/L records, and results vs. Top 25 opponents.

While the '99 team was and is the only team to go wire to wire ranked #1 and win the NC, there are a couple of factors to consider.

As previously mentioned the '93 team played 13 games including the "Game of the Century I" against then #2 Notre Dame on the road. The '93 team also started the season ranked #1 and maintained that ranking until the last play of the game against Notre Dame, when suddenly and out of nowhere, down came Touchdown Jesus and knocked down a Charlie Ward pass at the goal line as time expired. The following week, thanks to a last second FG by BC over ND. and our 62-3 spanking of NC State, we were quickly back at #1, when we then proceeded to beat UF and Nebraska to win our first ever NC.

That year the '93 team played 7 top 25 teams, including 3 teams that finished the season in the top 5, and 6 teams that finished in the top 25.

On the other hand, the '99 team played 5 top 25 teams, 1 finished in the top 5, and 4 teams finished in the top 25.

Considering all of these factors, I am very inclined to give the advantage to the '93 team. However, due to the one loss at ND, I will cop out and say


4. Number of All-Americans per team (consensus and otherwise)

1993 1999

Clifton Abraham Sebastian Janikowski

Derrick Alexander Corey Simon

Ken Alexander Peter Warrick

Derrick Brooks Chris Weinke

Warrick Dunn Jason Whitaker

Juan Laureano Brett Williams

Kez McCorvey

Patrick McNeil

Corey Sawyer

Clay Shiver

Tamarich Vanover

Charlie Ward

Total 12 All-Americans Total 6 All-Americans

Advantage to 1993 Noles

5. Number of Senior players drafted into the NFL (excluding FA's).

1994 Draft 2000 Draft

William Floyd (28) Peter Warrick (4)

Lonnie Johnson (61) Corey Simon (6)

Corey Sawyer (104) Sebastian Janikowski (17)

Sean Jackson (129) Ron Dugans (66)

Kevin Knox (192) Laveranues Coles (78)

Toddrick McIntosh (216) Jerry Johnson (101)

Mario Edwards (180)

*Very important* Charlie Ward would have surely been a first round pick in the 1994 draft had he not decide to forsake football for a long and illustrious career with the New York Knicks.

Therefore, with 3 first round picks and 2 in the third round, I'm going to have to go with

Advantage to 1999 Noles

6. Intangibles (strictly subjective).


In 1993 the offensive coordinator was Brad Scott, with a young Mark Richt as the QB coach who helped lead Charlie Ward to FSU's first ever National Championship and the Heisman Trophy. Charlie was the most decorated player in the history of college football, the first Heisman Trophy winner in the ACC when he won it in 1993, and he literally won every individual award that he qualified for as a senior. He was also 22-2 as a starter at quarterback for FSU.

The schedule was brutal, but the talent level on this team was just as brutal. With Ward, Dunn, and Floyd in the offensive backfield, behind Shiver at center with Laureano, Long, and McNeil protecting and opening up huge lanes, and McCorvey, Knox, Vanover, and Frier catching everything thrown their way.

On the other side of the ball we lined up with such names as Corey Sawyer, Derrick Brooks, Richard Coes, Devin Bush, Clifton Abraham, Derrick and Ken Alexander, James Colzie, Chris Cowart, Todd Rebol, John Nance, James Roberson, Toddrick McIntosh, and a supporting cast thatstuffed almost every opponent. Sean Liss was the punter and freshman Scott Bentley was our kicker.

Not only was FSU loaded with talent on both sides of the ball, we knew how to recruit, and recruit we did. The 1993 signees/newcomers consisted of Chad Bates, Scott Bentley, Peter Boulware, Gideon Brown, Thad Busby, Daryl Bush, Byron Capers, James Colzie, Andre Cooper, Sam Cowart, Warrick Dunn, E.G. Green, Jermaine Green, Kevin Long, Jeremy Morris, Melvin Pearsall, Julian Pittman, Rock Preston, Phillip Riley, Phillip Simpson, Greg Spires, Tra Thomas, Rodney Wells, Pooh Bear Williams, Rhodney Williams,and Reinard Wilson.

FSU was at the top of the college football world, the envy of our rivals, and just at the beginning of our 90's football dynasty.


We continued our dominance throughout the remainder of the 90's, but we were unable to capture the National Championship trophy again until 1999. By this time Mark Richt had become the Offensive Coordinator as well as remaining the QB coach, when he once again helped guide Chris Weinke to our second national championship and who coincidentally became our second Heisman Trophy winner.

As we all know, this great team finished with a perfect 12-0 record, and was the first team in NCAA history to go "wire-to-wire," being ranked continuously as the nation's #1 team, from the preseason through the end of the bowl season.

Alongside Weinke in the backfield, running and protecting Chris were Travis Minor, Dan Kendra, Jeff Chaney, Nick Maddox, Davy Ford, and Marcus "Rooster" Outzen mopping up here and there.

On the line we had Eric Thomas, Justin Amman, Tarlos Thomas, Brett Williams Jason Whitaker, and Ryan Sprague at TE,

Our receiving corps may have been one of the best ever in college football, with first rounder Peter Warrick, Ron Dugans, Laveraneus Coles, Talman Gardner, Marvin "Snoop" Minnis, and newcomer Anquan Boldin.

The defense was anchored in the middle by first round pick Corey Simon, Jamal Reynolds, Rolan Seymour, Jerry Johnson, Tommy Polley, Bradley Jennings, Brian Allen, Tay Cody, Chris Hope, Derrick Gibson, Sean Key, Bobby Rhodes, Reggie Durden, and Mario Edwards. Keith Cottrell was the punter. The first kicker to ever be taken in the first round,Sebastian Janikowski, who was also the Groza winner, booted every kickoff out of the end zone and into the bleachers.

While there was some incoming talent in our signees/newcomers list, it does not come close to the 1993 incoming class, The 1999 newcomers included Anquan Boldin, Rufus Brown, Cornelius Collier, Darnell Dockett, Kevin Emanuel, Randy Golightly, Alonzo Jackson, Nick Maddox, Corey Whitaker, and Jeff Womble.

As far as the intangibles are concerned, and again this is a purely subjective pick, I am going to have to go with

Advantage to 1993 Noles

So to recap, the six categories I chose for this project resulted in my choosing

1. Team statistics for the offenses= 1993 Noles

2. Team statistics for the defenses= 1993 Noles.

3. Strength of schedule, opponents W/L records, and results vs. Top 25 opponents=Even

4. Number of All-Americans per team (consensus and otherwise)= 1993 Noles

5. Number of Senior players drafted into the NFL (excluding FA's)= 1999 Noles

6. Intangibles (strictly subjective)= 1993 Noles

I guess you can now tell which way I am going with this.

So, with all due respect to Mr. Andrew Jones at Buster Sports, while both of these teams are definetly the #1 and the #2 teams in FSU and ACC history, I am going to have to disagree with your selection order, because I think that the


How 'bout them NOLES!

So what do you think?