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Florida State Wednesday Open Recruiting Thread 07.08.09

Welcome back.

As usual, we funnel everything to the 2010 Big Board

Be sure to check out's forums.  I have signed up and they are nice.

Tomahawk Nation's Florida State Seminoles Recruiting Map

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Again, if you haven't yet given us your zip code, please do so.  We will add you and you can see what players Florida State is targeting in your area.  More info on the map and the project here.  Help us band together and provide the best free Florida State athletics coverage on the net.


  •  Corey Lemonier, DE.


  • Zach Allen, LB, committed to Wake Forest.  Impact?  Zero, we weren't recruiting him.
  • Nate Askew, TE.  Committed elsewhere.  Impact?  Minimal
  • Davis Dudchock, HBACK, committed to Vanderbilt.  Impact?  Slight.  He's a good prospect.
  • Kendrum Malcolme, RB, committed to Georgia. Impact?  This week, minimal, as he had eliminated us some time ago and we should have removed him a while back,
  • Antonio Goodwin, WR, no interest.  
  • Kendal Moore, LB.  Impact:  medium- heavy.  We need three linebackers in this class.  Moore could have been one and he is a very good player.


 Come inside for a GREAT video series, notes, ect.


  • Christian Green is coming up for the Bobby Bowden Camp soon and will also be at Showtime.
  • Speaking of Showtime, Lamarcus Joyner is confirmed.
  • Joyner is also visiting Tennessee the same game (October 4th, Auburn) as Jeff Luc.  Hmm.
  • Elliot Porter and Damien Jacobs (two DTs from Louisiana) are supposed to make visits in the next couple of weeks.  I think Porter goes to LSU and if Jacobs gets an offer from the Tigers, he will join Porter.  If not, the 'Noles look good.  Both will be at Showtime, we think.  
  • We are working on getting a full Showtime list and will have something very special for our readers as the camp approaches.
  • Pahokee will be at Showtime, as FSUncensored confirmed with Chris Dunkley.
  • We seem to be in decent shape for Marcus Lattimore, though he will not be at showtime.
  • Speaking of Byrnes high, we will see Corey Miller and Brandon Willis at Seminole Showtime
  • WR prospect and member of the Miami Central trio Josh Reese named us his leader.  Someone needs to clarify this kid's grades issue.  Some believe he is an early entrant candidate, others think he's a qualifying risk.
  • The other two of the trio should be at Showtime (we think)
  • Ole Miss leads for DT Shawn Green.  Green is a good prospect.
  • WR Kenny Shaw will be at showtime for sure.  
  • WR Christian Green is a lock for Showtime and we continue to believe he will be a 'Nole.
  • We look very, very good for Christian Jones and he will be at showtime.
  • Do not expect Corey Lemonier in this class.  Longshot.  Still not sure if he'll be at showtime.
  • Christian Jones and Leff Luc should put on a show at showtime.
  • CB Tyler Hunter (2011 kid) will be at Showtime.  He's from Valdosta.


Glades Central vs Miami Central Spring Game (via marken56) - 5 Parts.  THIS IS OUTSTANDING FOOTAGE.











2011 target Karlos Williams (younger brother of current FSU linebacker Vince Williams)

Karlos Williams (via SunshinePreps)

Karlos has early verbal offers from teams such as FSU, UF, UGA, and Tennessee.  He is clearly one of the Sunshine State's top prospects for the class of 2011.  His dad is a huge FSU fan and his brother, Vince, is a current linebacker here.  We are in great shape early.