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Florida State Recruiting Update, Wednesday 08.19.09

Recruiting is heating up.  High school football is starting all around the country.  Remember, if you have any prospects in your area, check out some of their games and give a report back to us. 

As always, we funnel everything to the:

2010 Recruiting Map

and the

2010 Big Board

A big thanks to DA-2 for the boards' upkeep!  Stand up, DA-2, take a bow!

Current commits: (click the links to read more)

Inside: Assorted notes, video, a stud 2011 South Georgia prospect, and grading our coaches


  • SWFLNole and I were discussing DB Lamarcus Joyner the other day.  There is simply no way he does NOT grow anymore.  Human bodies simply aren't made like that.  I expect him to get in the 5'11''/6'0'' range by the time he is done growing.  As FSUncensored pointed out to me, it doesn't really matter.  We are a college team.
  • LB is an odd situation.  No one really seems to know the truth.  I'm starting to think we prefer Nigel Terrell over Deon Rogers, but who knows.
  • Lots of buzz about LB Jeff Luc and FSU.  I am skeptical but we will continue to follow.  It seems to have credence, as many Gators are swearing by the info. Reasons for bigtime recruits to actually be silent are numerous on the players side, and teams side, however Luc asserts he is not. We are probably ahead, but it is not over.
  • WR Kenny Shaw says he will wait until the Under Armour game to make his commitment public.  I believe there is nothing to worry about.
  • We are going after Keion Payne for the 4th CB spot.  I expect Miami to land him, as they have been on him much harder for much longer.
  • Speaking of Payne, will we take a 4th CB?  We don't really need one.
  • SWFLNole will be at the Thomas County Central (GA) vs Lowndes (GA) scrimmage on August 21st.  Can't wait for the report as there are several special prospects playing.
  • NoleThruandThru and DA-2 have joined the recruiting team.
  • Miami Central QB Jeff Godrey and WR Josh Reese are very intent on playing together in college.  RB Brandon Gainer is still intent on us.  Supposedly we have cooled in favor of Clements.
  • Booker T. Washington RB Eduardo Clements will be a battle.  Miami, UGA, Michigan along with us are big players.  His parents are pushing Miami.
  • Chris Dunkley announced his official visits and FSU was not in the 5. He is a Gator, always has been, don't let anyone tell you different.
  • The class is still relatively small for this point in the new age of recruiting patterns. However, and I stress this, until we start missing on OUR big targets there is nothing to worry about.  And I don't think there will be anything to worry about.
  • RB Storm Johnson tried to commit to LSU, and was turned away. He has apparently re-opened and FSU looks good. It is way too early to tell what our RB situation is sure to look like, but I doubt we'd take his commitment right now.  Many in Georgia believe we have better options on our board.


Gareef Glashen, CB, Carol City HS, Miami (FL).  5'11'' 190, 4.4

Gareef Glashen (via jeromeflexx)

Glashen came to the Bobby Bowden Camp, and balled out.  Impressed the coaches, who want to see his first few games of the season.  If we offer, he's ours.  He has height, hips, and some serious, serious jets.  Definitely a possibility if Payne goes to Miami, which I think he will.

Jeff Dyson, Thomasville High, 2011 RB (5'11''/170/4.4)

This is highlights of his whole team from last year, but there is no highlight film of just him that we could find. Watch how he just glides, and gets to top speed in no time. Very, very similar to the way Andre Debose ran last cycle. I'd bet UF gets all over him. The video tells you when he has it most of the time, but he is the #2 RB.  You will know it when you see it.  Dexter Carter should be contacting this kid regularly (he recruits GA, and RB).  Remember that prospects make their biggest jump in athletic ability from their sophomore to junior years.  I'm willing to be that Dyson will have an absolutely sick highlight for Thomasville this year.

2008 Thomasville High School Football Highlight Film Part 1 (via thsbaseballer)

2008 Thomasville High School Football Highlight Film Part 3 (via thsbaseballer)

2008 Thomasville High School Football Highlight Film Part 2 (via thsbaseballer)


How have our coaches been recruiting?


Bobby Bowden- Bobby doesn't list specific targets any longer, and won't be the coach of record on anyone. His main role in recruiting come during camps and as a ringer. Kids know the name Bobby Bowden, and parents know it even better. However, at this point in his career he can't be relied upon to land recruits. 

Grade:  So, all in all, D-.  It would be really nice to have a head coach that knows some of the names of the prospects or could turn in a 10 - 12 hour workday (in the offseason).

Jimbo Fisher- Jimbo's recruiting doesn't really show through on just his targets. He is targeting QB's and some guys we aren't really in play for. However, as head coach in waiting, he is often the secondary recruiter on many of the most important recruits. The overall class will give us a better picture of what Jimbo has done, rather than individual target commits. Brandon Gainer is a primary target who Jimbo is recruiting. 

Grade:  A.  You hear recruits mention how much they like Jimbo all the time.  He is a huge part of our recruiting resurgence.

Dexter Carter- Carter was the secondary recruiter on Ed Christian with Trickett, as he runs Georgia recruiting. Thus, he is the coach of record there and lead recruiter on Telvin Smith, and Tank Sessions. Carter also boasts to be a major part of Terrence Brooks recruitment. We will see how the RB class ends up, none of his initial RB targets will be coming to FSU (Lattimore, Storm Johnson) so it will be interesting to see his adjustments there. So far he has been very productive.

Grade:  B

Lawrence Dawsey- Dawsey is the coach of record for one commit, 4* DT Tavaris Barnes. However he is also the coach persuing some of our most important targets, and biggest leans. Christian Green, Kenny Shaw, and Terrance Mitchell all are being focused on by Dawsey. He is also active with Chris Dunkley, which is a lost ship. Overall he has sought after extremely talented players, and if things go the way they hope to with those three it would be a great recruiting cycle for Lawrence Dawsey. 

Grade:  A-

Rick Trickett- We have one excellent OL commit, in Ed Christian. We will probably take two more with the attrition of Aubrey Phillips. I trust Trickett to find the guys he wants and can mold.  He is also secondary recruiter on Kenny Shaw, and our most important defensive target Christian Jones. We look good for both.

Grade:  B

Odell Haggins- Coach Haggins is the coach on record for three commitments. Darious Cummings, Chad Abrams, and get this Jarred Haggins. Defensive line is very important for us this year, and the players he can help regional guys with as a secondary recruiter will be very important. He is the primary contact for Brandon Willis, who needs to be in this class. We need Haggins to continue to work hard, as it seems he is.

Grade:  B

Jody Allen- Coach on record for Debrale Smiley, but I'm pretty sure anyone could have done that. I know that he helps in all contact for DE, because I have spoken with some kids. However, he is not a force in the recruiting world for FSU right now. We need everyone out there working hard.

Grade:  C

Chuck Amato- Chuck no longer really connects with kids, despite his flair for designer sunglasses and Victoria's Secret bras. He has two major targets this year, and some secondary targets. Kendall Moore, who could have been a lynchpin MLB for this class, he has already missed on. Calvin Smith also looks to be headed elsewhere.

Grade:  F-.  Amato hurts more than he helps. 

Mickey Andrews- His major target was a DB in Utah, that we were never heavy on. He does help coaches of record, and position coaches because of his name. But with it looking like the late twilight of his career, he isn't much of a recruiter anymore.

Grade:  C

James Coley- Coley is the recruiting coordinator, and works very hard to find and recruit kids all over the place. He is very good with the South Florida region. He is the primary recruiter for Holmes Onwukaife, and De'Joshua Johnson. He is also the primary recruiter on Joyner, Clements, Jacobs, Luc, Noel, and the position coach for commit Tank Sessions. He is a great recruiter and is working hard to make this class all it can be. Just like Jimbo, his real judgement comes in February.

Grade: A.  He is just a machine.  Coach works from like 4 am to 11 pm (or something like that).


We want to hear your predicted class!  Fill it in!

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WR De'Joshua Johnson
WR (optional) Jared Haggins
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WDE Corey Miller
SDE/DT Tavaris Barnes
SDE/DT Darious Cummings
OLB Holmes Onwukaife
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CB Terrence Brooks
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S Chad Abrams

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