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Offbeat Friday: The OTHER Coaches' Twitter Pages


By now, Coach Coley's twitter account has become the stuff of legend for Nole fans.  I mean honestly, who here among us hasn't felt the need to SQUAD UP or SCALP OR BE SCALPED from time to time?

Actually, as I posted in a Fanshot this week, Coach Coley's tweets have made their way onto the pages of Deadspin, possibly the biggest sports blog out there.

Little known fact, however, is that the rest of our coaches have their own twitter pages as well.  Inside, we'll find out what happens when your favorite Seminole coaches tweet the deets!!

Ok.  So you're pushing 80.  You're collecting a 2.5 million dollar check every year.  You're the nominal head coach of one of the most recognizable football programs in the country.  What is there left for you to do?  Why of course, get a million twitter followers!!

teh ncaas is all up in my interwebz tryin to be takin mah wins!!1!

9:35 AM May 31st from web

at the garnet n gold game.  hope i don't get run over out on the field LOL.

6:58 PM April 4th from mobile web

tomahwk nation rox my sox!!!  chuck's boobs really do look like dolly parton

2:12 PM June 17th from web

all these kids be on my lawn.  I told them "get off my lawn!" they say its seminole showtime or something.  whatev.

7:00 PM July 18th from mobile web

im so sleepy right now... zzzzzzzzzzzz

8:00 PM August 1st from web


Ever wondered how the most intense defensive coordinator in the game spends his free time in 140 characters or less?  Well now you know

chew chew chew chew spit cuss spit chew aggression.

4:50 PM August 1st from web

boys are getting manhandled at practice

7:04 AM August 15th from mobile web

boys are getting manhandled at practice

7:04 AM August 16th from mobile web

boys are getting manhandled at practice

7:04 AM August 17th from mobile web

boys are getting manhandled at practice

7:04 AM August 18th from mobile web


4:51 PM August 20th from web


4:52 PM August 20th from web


4:52 PM August 20th from web


Last but not least, we have everyone's favorite clown, Coach Chuck Amato!!

bought a new pair of shoes and some sunglasses.  pretended to call a recruit.  it was a good day.

5:02 PM August 15th from web

those people at tomahawknation are mean!!! Nlol  =(

11:12 AM August 20th from web

what did Jimbo mean when he said "don't get comfortable" when i said i liked my new office?

12:29 PM August 20th from web

trickett keeps looking at me funny.  says im too out of shape to sit with his OL.  i miss jimmy heggins =(

6:56 AM July 28th from mobile web

aubrey and i are going bra shopping

6:17 PM July 16th from mobile web


Speaking of Aubrey Phillips, I wonder what his latest twitter update is?


12:20 PM August 21st from web

Lest you think the Noles have the market cornered on coaches with twitter accounts, check out this fantastic post from UF coach Urban Meyer...

painting a giant mural of timmy with his arms in the air on side of stadium.  were calling it "touchdown timmy." itll be just like my dream job!!

1:15 PM August 7th from web


What does Tim Tebow have to say about the new mural?

new mural is great!! 80 feet high!! it will remind people just how humble i am and how much i dont crave attention!!

3:52 AM August 8th from mobile web

There it is, folks!!!  A quick survey of what you can find on these here internets.  Let us know in the comments if you come across any other funny tweets.  And, as always, SQUAD UPPPPPP!!