Stewie Fellates Tebow, Goes back for more


ESPN manwhores to the SEC even more, if possible. Gist of the sickening story is that Stewart Mandel has created a system for defining Tebow's greatness in comparison to other QB's, RB's, WR's, and (presumably) Tight Ends. The manjuice gets started as Mandel says he was sckeptical of all the claims of his majesty's greatness, and really gets flowing when the statistics bear it out. Seconds are accomplished by proclaiming him the greatest human being ever. We can all proudly proclaim that Tebow is the GOAT, and we have some numbers to back it up. The very humble picture that accompanied this story's link made me feel inferior in every way to this very humble man. Before every gator fan starts bashing me, I have said that I'm sure he's a good guy and all, and I completely respect his devotion to God, and I think FSU needs to recruit more players that are like him (off the field). I am not assaulting his character, just ESPN's. ESPN's shady, shady, overly loving (no-homo + homo) character. Also, I don't want Tebow to be hit by a bus or anything like some lunatics do. The last freakin thing we need is a gator martyr...