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Florida State WORT 08.05.09

Let's get to it!

As always, we funnel our coverage to the:


2010 Big Board


Today is a big update!  Come inside for more!


  • There is a very high chance Christian Green will be a Seminole.  I am very confident.
  • Miami Springs WR Willis Wright is a qualifying concern.  If the kid can put it together he is a top ten player in Florida.  No word on FSU interest. Our coaches are evaluating him currently.
  • The Lattimore news hurts.  The kid is an elite prospect.  The focus shifts to Gio Bernard, heavily.
  • We will probably take Clements over Gainer.
  • There will be a 2011 Big Board by the end of the season
  • Corey Lemonier and Calvin Smith are Illinois leans.
  • Carol City CB Gareef Glashen has impressive video (Youtube).  Coaches will continue evaluating.
  • The 4th CB:  The coaches are going after Keion Payne for this spot.  He is Miami bound most likely.
  • Glades Central CB Greg Dent is heading up to FSU on the 13th.  I have heard that he is very good with a lot of potential.  Miami leads currently.
  • Christian Jones made another visit.  He is all 'Nole.


Most Important Defensive Prospect:  Christian Jones

Linebacker is the biggest need.  We have no talent at the position currently (players CURRENTLY on the roster).  I believe Jones is the best LB on board this year, including Luc.  There is nothing he can't do from the LB spot.  USC LB coach Ken Norton called Jones the best LB in the nation this year.  Julian Peterson is a good comparison here.

Rest of the Defense:

Lamarcus Joyner - No comment necessary.  Where will he play?  Corner or Safety?  He looked very, very good at FNL.  Dunkley got him a couple of times, and Joyner got him a couple as well.  All this garbage about Dunkley owning Joyner is just that, garbage. 

Corey Miller - Miller is a elite prospect at DE, another need.  He has been dominating the camp circuit this year.  He is also a great kid and will be an early enrollee.

Brandon Willis - We need DL in the worst way.  Willis could play a variety of positions.  His best bet is SDE or 3tech DT.  I don't know if WIllis can put the weight on to be a 3tech.  That being said, he makes up for it with his exceptional quickness.

Darious Cummings - Cummings has been committed over a year.  He is a true Nole.  I think he'll be a SDE in college.  Cummings is another DL that has great quickness.  He recently clocked a 4.69 40 at 260 pounds.


Most Important Offensive Prospect:  Christian Green

Green is an elite talent at a need position.  We can't afford to lose him to the Gators.  He can do it all at the WR position.  Green has the second gear, first step explosion, and the size to be an All American at WR.  He is also 200 pounds with all that speed.  I believe he compares favorably with Dez Bryant.

Rest of the Offense:

Gio Bernard - Bernard will get the full court press now that Lattimore has eliminated us.  He is a wrecking ball with great initial burst.  I believe we are currently in the lead, but we will have to fend off scores of schools.

Kenny Shaw - Shaw is another 'Nole at a position of need.  Shaw has tremendous burst in and out of his breaks.  He makes it look easy out there. 

Ed Christian - Christian is a guard or tackle.  He has ample potential at both, but he said that Trickett was very impressed with the way he played at guard during Showtime.  Plus, he continues the important Lowndes pipeline (the gift that keeps on giving).


Some Gridiron Kings video (Shaw, Godfrey, Jones):

Christian Jones has a ridiculous INT in this video.  Such a talent.

SWFLNole gives us some 2011 nuggets!

DE Ray Drew (Thomas County Central)- Very likely a high 4*/low 5*, huge hands and feet, great off the field, dynamic pass rusher. I will see him in three weeks at the TCC-Lowndes game.  Fierce off the ball snap.
QB Christian LeMay- Probably a HUGE UF-Battle. Wants to play in a pro-style offense. UF will switch styles under Brantley and show a less "spread like " offense for the kid. Best fundamentals (all parts, feet, play action, etc)  since Chris Leak. Tighest spiral I've seen out of a HS kid since Leak as well. Needs to work on repeating his delivery or will have accuracy issues on the next level.
RB Mike Bellamy (Charlotte High School) - UF Lean, wears UGA gear sometimes. Les Miles and Pete Carrol are sending the house. Coley saw him this spring. We'll gauge interest and go from there. Ran a 4.31 at FNL.
Other players I will see at the TCC-Lowdnes game (August 21) -- DB Hunter, RB Jeff Dyson.  Dyson is supposedly electric.
My guy RB Tony Jackson (Taylor County) showed very well at the FSU 7 on 7, but has a hamstring pull that made him only capable to play in 3 games. Very fast, well put together.
RB Isiah Crowell (Carver HS)- our first 2011 RB offer, very very good back. UGA lean for sure.  We don't have a good shot here.
RB Eric Beverly is a really big back, but he can move for his size. Hester all over for Jimbo. First Coast is a pipeline, they LOVE us there.
I've heard DE Deon Lee has real interest. This kid will BURST on to the scene. WDE with great speed, great edge rusher now. Needs coaching, plays WR as well I believe.
DT Shaman Richardson- team was at FSU 7 on 7. Ocala means Gator probably, coaches saw him. We will recruit him for sure.
DT Jericho Lee appears to be in the 2011 class. There are very good sources who tell me he is transfering to NFC for the fall.
RB Buck Allen is very open to colleges, may go out of state. New Lincoln coach is open to FSU staff, writers, personnel at practices. He invited me over to watch practice, and meet some of the guys. I might go talk to Buck sometime in the fall. FSU will recruit hard. He is listed as an ATH because he catches the ball well and they flex him out into the slot quite a bit but he is a RB.  Do not worry about character issues, they were way overblown.  He is a good kid.
ATH Sammy Watkins is Jaylen Watkins little (but much bigger) brother. He goes to a different high school Jaylen goes to Cape Coral, and Sammy goes to a new high school South Ft. Myers. Jaylen is obviously a huge gator (and overrated, Bellamy showed him what elite players look like in their spring game). Sammy is a WR, probably just as talented as Jaylen, regional recruit 12-15 offers by the end of it.
CB Nick Waisome- Gator lean, very very good CB. First CB offer from us.
ATH Hakeem Flowers- Athlete plays both sides, profiles as a CB, we offered on defense. We do well in South Carolina.
DB Quayshun Smith- Godby HS, told he is not a street kid, good ball skills for a 2011 kid, KILLED the National Underclassman Combine in Jacksonville. Played well at FSU 7 on 7. Very small.
TE Nick O'Leary- Dwyer. Very polished TE, great hands, probably a high 4.5 kid. We need to recruit him. Was at FNL.
OL Trey Pettis- Love this kid. FSU fan growing up. Will be a monster under Trickett.  We hope he helps with Pop Saunders.
TE Jay Rome (Valdosta)- Probably a national recruit. Clemson legacy, they have offered. UF loves the kid, so do we.
Kelvin Benjamin- I'd bet he goes to UM. Related to Travis, Plays WR but might be a TE at the next level. Maybe not though very smooth hips, gets in and out of breaks remarkably quick for a kid his size and age.