Bobby Bowden should have left FSU in 2002, but must go now


Written by Paul Finebaum and found by way of AC's Chopping Block. Whether this particular author is a jerk and a idiot, or not, is not the issue or the point, instead what he writes in the article is something that should be analyzed further. "The subject is Bobby Bowden, everyone's lovable grandfather and lately, college football's favorite punching bag. For years, the signs have been obvious that he has lost his grip on the Florida State program. And for years, the FSU administration, fans and media have looked the other way, covering for the coach out of respect for his legendary career. Everyone has been singing from the same hymnal, "Ole Bobby should have the right to go out on his own terms." The school even went the ridiculous route of naming offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher the "coach in waiting." But the Good Ship Bowden has hit the iceberg. It may even be too late for Fisher to come in and repair the massive wreckage." Click on the link above to read the entire article.