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Maryland Terrapins Three Point Shooting Hands Florida State Seminoles First ACC Loss 77-68

For only the third time this year, the Seminoles allowed an opponent to shoot an eFG% higher than 50%. And for the third time, it resulted in a loss. One could say that this games had echoes of the Ohio State match up in that, at times, it seemed that Maryland could not miss. In fact, Eric Hayes rarely missed as he went 5-6 from behind the three point line, finishing the night with 17 points.

Maryland went 10-16 from beyond the arc, shooting 62.5%. The Seminoles were 6-18, for 33% from beyond the arc. One could argue that three point shooting was the difference in the game. The Seminoles trailed early as they were shooting only 33% from the floor while Maryland went on a hot streak shooting over 60% from the floor. Eventually, the Seminoles wore the Terrapins down, getting the lead to as close as three late in the second half. But Greivis Vasquez, who had a relatively quiet first half, took over the game, finishing with 22 points. As discussed in the game preview, the Seminoles needed to limit the production of Maryland's role players and force Vasquez to try and carry the team. He scored 22, but it was less than 30% of the team's total. It was shown that when he scores more than 30% of the teams total points Maryland is likely to lose.

This game will likely reflect the Seminoles entire season. They will get into trouble against teams who are having great shooting nights. At this point, the offense isn't powered to put up great production against a good defense or to keep up with a good shooting team. Maryland also did an outstanding job on the glass in the first half and scored a lot of easy baskets.

Chris Singleton finished with a double double, scoring 12 points with 14 rebounds, three blocks and one steal. Alabi had a great second half after sitting for most of the first half with two fouls. He finished with 17 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks and 3 assists. Snaer had an excellent defensive game, shutting down Vasquez for the first half. He finished with 8 points and hit a key three pointer in the second half. He is starting to show what he will be capable of attacking the basket. This was the offensive production that was expected. Unfortunately, Maryland shot the ball extremely well and the Seminoles couldn't close the gap.

However, the Seminoles are 1-1 to start conference play and will return home to play NC State on Tuesday night. These were two significant road tests for the Seminoles and they came out ahead. Many thought that the Noles would return home 0-2. There is a lot more to discuss about this game, but that's all for now.