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Tampa (FL) Hillsborough CB Terrence Mitchell commits to Florida State

Terrence Mitchell is considered one ofthe best Defensive Backs in the country.
Terrence Mitchell is considered one ofthe best Defensive Backs in the country.

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As first reported by at :

"When I took my visit there last weekend, it just felt like home, a place I could see myself being the next four or five years," said the 5-foot-10, 165-pound Terrence Mitchell. "I got along with all the players, all the coaches and I love the school. It just feels right."

"T-Rex" had offers from FSU, UF, Miami, Alabama (key for DBs), Ohio State, UNC, UGA, and Tennessee.  He was recruited by Jimbo Fisher and Lawrence Dawsey.  Dawsey has done a nice job to re-establish FSU in the bay area, especially because the 'Noles had no Tampa presence in the middle part of the decade.


Hometown: Tampa, FL (Hillsborough HS)
Height: 5'9" (the 5'10" in the Tampa Tribune article is generous)
Weight: 160 lbs.
40-yd: 4.4- (Legit, many kids claim a 4.3 and run a 4.55. Terrence is one of the fastest players in the fastest state in the country)
Other speed:  10.59 100-Meter (Reggie Bush ran a 10.60 as a Jr in San Diego)
Vertical: 35''
ESPN Rating: 80 (4*), #142 National Rating: 4*, #5 CB, #83 R100
Grades: Fully Qualified


Inside, an evaluation, recruitment story, and lots of film!  Click "continue reading"


Terrence's recruitment was sort of an enigma in a way. From the very beginning he was always a heavy Florida State lean because he had grown up a fan of the Seminoles. However, many said that it was all he knew and would look around seriously at other schools. Many said that he was looking seriously at both UGA and his hometown team USF, however in the end he chose to become a Seminole.  Most believe that he actually committed to the coaches last weekend and wanted to make sure the decision sat well once he returned home.



Terrence is on the slight side right now, he has a very muscular toned build similar to what you would see on a sprinter. He plays extremely fast on the field, has good "football speed." He has lacked some experience in man to man covering so when he comes in, his pass coverage will need refining and his run support may be ahead of what he can do in pass coverage. However he displays very good ball skills once the ball is in the air both as a receiver and a CB. He is an extremely fluid athlete through his hips and knees opening well and staying up on WR after that. His lack of pure CB play shows that his backpedal needs work as it gets choppy and long. His short area burst is just phenomenal, blue chip like which is an area where CBs need to excel for recovery; and as his body continues to progress he has a good chance to be a two year starter at Florida State.  Terrence is a great example of why coaches love to work in Florida.  Other states just do not produce talents like Terrence on a consistent basis.


Some video evidence:

Terrance "T-Rex" Mitchell #3 (via TerrierSupport)


Comparison:  Potentially, a young Alphonso Smith.  Same size, both very quick.  The old Wake Forest CB, Smith was a pain to FSU fans and quarterbacks for years. 

CB Alphonso Smith Highlights Wake Forest 2008 (via DraftParty)


Who will join T-REX in the secondary class? 

CB Lamarcus Joyner
CB Terrence Brooks
CB Mike Harris

S Chad Abrams
DB Greg Dent


The recruiting map has been updated to reflect the commitment.

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