Did You Know: That Tomahawk Nation Is The #1 FSU Digital Media Site (a guide to better using TN)

First of all, let me start out by welcoming all the new members, and thanking all of the loyal members who have made Tomahawk Nation the best FSU Seminole site on the web, including all of the pay-for-information sites around.

I would like to take just a moment to share and highlight our recent growth.

Back on November 11th, our fearless Chief, FSUncensored, posted this story about Tomahawk Nation being ranked #2 on the Sports Blog Index's Top 10 NCAA Football Blogs.

Here's what they had to say about TN:

2.)  Tomahawk Nation - Potentially the most vibrant and engaged community of any college football blog. With solid use of video and cool features like intense film reviews and breakdowns of games maybe the owners of this blog would have the Seminoles atop the ACC Atlantic.

In the comments section, I posted a comment which included the following:

Anyway also congrats on almost hitting another milestone. We are presently at 99,498 unique comments. We will break 100,000 in the next few days and by the Wake game threads we will have surpassed it for sure and be well on our way to 200,000.

Also, we will be welcoming our 1,700 member in the next few days. Your knowledge and hard work is what attracts the smartest FSU fans anywhere on the blog-sphere to this site, and keeps us coming back for more.

Please remember that this was posted on Nov. 11, which was just over 2 months ago.

Today as I look over our membership base, I am pleased to report that;

-We should easily have over 2500 members before the end of the month (2424 as of today), and

-our members have posted 145,955 comments on TN. 

In addition, here are some other fun facts. 

-There have been 1,803,937 unique visits to Tomahawk Nation,

-we are currently averaging 14,268 visits per day,

-this week we will have WELL over 100,000 unique visits (99,879 as I type this), and

-this month we expect to easily break the 400,000 visit mark. 

Not too shabby considering we are not even in football season, although we are still in full recruiting mode.

So on behalf of the TN staff, to those more than 800 new members who have joined in the past 2 months,  WELCOME TO TOMAHAWK NATION.  And to those existing 1700 members, THANK YOU.

In light of our recent membership explosion, I thought this would be a good opportunity to offer some helpful hints on how to make your experience here more pleasant, entertaining, and informative, with this little "Did You Know Guide."

Please hit the jump to continue reading.

Did you know:  That all new and existing members alike should be familiar with our Community Guidelines.  Please read through the Tomahawk Nation Welcome Guide!  We put a lot of work into this and it should enhance your experience here.

Did you know:  That we have, maintain, and update the best 2011 FSU Recruiting Board on the web.  Please visit the current 2011 Recruiting Discussion Thread, conveniently located in the RECOMMENDED FANPOST SECTION on the right side of the front page, to address all your questions, comments, and thoughts to our hard working recruiting experts, DA-2, NoleThruandThru, SWFLNole, and all the other moderators and members who make this the most accurate Nole Recruiting information found anywhere.

Did you know:  That you are encouraged and welcomed to post a FANPOST anytime you have a well thought out opinion, comment, or idea.  Your FANPOST must be about a subject that will likely inspire an extended discussion, must be at least 200 words, well written, and relevant to FSU sports.  Please make sure you follow those 4 simple Fanpost rules above.  If you have just a question, please post a comment in an ongoing thread, or in the ONGOING OR OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSION THREAD that is always open.

Did you know:  That if you come across any FSU related article, stories, quote, news report, video, pictures, or any else relevant, you can share them with the rest of the TN members by posting a FANSHOT link.  You are always encouraged to post a comment or opinion along with the link to generate comments from your fellow members.

Did you know: That you can click on "Edit Settings" and increase or customize the number of stories, fanpost, and fanshots that are displayed on the front page.  For example, I have my settings at 15 stories, 20 fanpost, and 20 fanshots.Take a moment and customize your front page to your liking.

Caution, depending on your internet providers speed, what web browser you are using, or if you are using a mobile device, you may want want to make whatever adjustments work best for you.  A few months back, I switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox, and my loading speed doubled.  Additionally with Firefox, you get the additional benefit of a automatic spell checker which underlines misspelled words in the body of your comments, and by right clicking on that word, the proper spelling is displayed for you.

Lastly, while you are in the "Edit Settings," you should make sure your "Live update comment threads with new comments?" is set to "yes", and your "Default comment format" is set to "expanded."


Did you know:  That at the bottom of the front page, just before the names of the TN staff members, there are 2 tabs.  One is labeled "Next Page" (self explanatory) and the other is "Explore Full Archive" that when clicked, gives you all the stories printed in most recent order, along with any new comments you may not have yet read, or that may have been posted after the story was bumped from the front page.

Did you know: That there is a search post and comments feature in the upper left hand corner of the front page, that when you type in key words, you will get tabs for stories, fanpost, fanshots, and even comments relating to those key words you are looking for.  Then just click the tab that you are interested in to see your search results.  Hint, the more key words you use the narrower you search results will be.

Did you know:  That at the upper most left side of the Tomahawk Nation site, if you click on the SB Nation tab right next to your user name, you will be redirected to one of the most comprehensive sports sites on the web, offering excellent coverage on just about every sport imaginable, all conveniently located in one site.

Did you know:  That as you read the comments of a story, fanpost, or fanshot, it is recommended you hit the "Z" key after you finish reading that comment, and this will mark your message as read, and take you to the next unread message.  The next time you visit that story, only the unread messages will be highlighted, and by hitting the "Z," you will be taken to the first unread message automatically. Real nice feature.

Did you know:  That when replying to a comment, before typing your comments, you should click on the "Reply" button on the comment you are replying to.  This will keep the thread manageable and in the right sequence.

Did you know:  That if you agree with another members comments, you should click on the "Actions" button on the comment you agree with, then click the "REC" button.  After a comment receives 2 RECS it turns green.  We encourage you use this feature instead of typing "+1" or "Rec" in the subject line, unless of course you have something else to add.  I think everyone enjoys seeing their comments turn green from time to time.

Did you know:  That if you get lost trying to follow someones reply to a comment in a long thread, you can click on the "UP" button on the comment you are wondering about, and it will take you up to the original comment that the member was replying to.

Did you know:  That if you want to post a link in an ongoing thread, you must post it in the MESSAGE (body) part of the comment, and not in the SUBJECT line,  for the link to work properly.

Did you know:  That you can collapse the comment, photo, or anything else posted in the MESSAGE part of a post, and leave just the SUBJECT LINE, by clicking on the subject line of that comment.Some users find this helpful, especially Mobile device users.

Did you know:  That if you have a photo or picture that is relevant to the discussion, you can post it into your comments.  Please read So You Wanna Post a Picture for instructions on posting a picture. Here's a little tip: don't post a photo unless it fits under one of the following four categories:  It's funny, it's poignant, it's clever, and it falls within our guidelines and is "Safe For Work."

Did you know:  That during live game threads, no pictures are allowed to be posted since pictures bog down the system.

Did you know:  That you can subscribe to Tomahawk Nation, the Fanposts, or the Fanshots, by following the links supplied on the left side of the front page, in order to keep up with the latest information published on TN.

Did you know:  That you can follow Tomahawk Nation on Twitter by using the Twitter links on the right side of the front page.

Did you know:  That the A), 2), D) sequence, is the preferred numbering system here at Tomahawk Nation and is highly encouraged and recommended when posting any multi-part comment, reply, Fanpost, or Fanshot.  For a better understanding of how to use, and a brief history of this exclusive TN numbering system, click here to read Aussierat's explanation and the ensuing comments.

Please consider this Guide a work in progress.  I am hoping that you the readers, have other hints or suggestions that you have discovered that makes your visits here more enjoyable and productive.  If so please share them with us and I will update this accordingly. If you would like to REC to keep it pinned, please do so.

Once again, on behalf of the entire Tomahawk Nation staff,


Fanposts are a section for the fans and do NOT reflect the views of Tomahawk Nation.