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Under Armour All-America game Live Blog and Game Thread (update)

LaMarcus Joyner and other prospects prepare for the game at practice. Joyner, and other Nole targets will be playing for the White team in today's game.
LaMarcus Joyner and other prospects prepare for the game at practice. Joyner, and other Nole targets will be playing for the White team in today's game.

As you know, I have been covering the Under Armour All-America Game practices, and now I am at Tropicana field for the game. It is being broadcast on ESPN at 11am. I will be bringing you a live blog of the game, focusing onthe prospects who may be considering FSU or are already committed to FSU. If you want to follow the Live blog you will have to refresh the page every once in a while. Also, this will serve as the live game thread for those of you who are able to watch the game.  Shaw committed to FSU, the story is the next one down.

[Edit: We have a photographer on the field and will bring you a full photo gallery sometime tonight or tomorrow. He is currently set up at Kenny Shaw's announcement site.]

Florida State target Kenny Shaw will be announcing in the second quarter. Another player of interest to Florida State is Chris Dunkley. The captains for the White (Blur) team are Jesse Scroggins, Alec Ogletree, and FSU commit Jeff Luc. The captains for the Black (Nitro) are Philip Sims, Corey Nelson, Devin Gardner, and Miami commit Storm Johnson.

The White (Blur) team is going to receive the opening kick, back to take the kick are Chris Dunkley and Kenny Shaw. The most unorganizaed return in history which included an exchange between Dunkley and Shaw and a fumble leaves the team at the 1 yd line to start its first drive. We may see all those white defenders earlier than we expected and in bad field position.

The white team's Michael Dyer just had a fantastic run after recieiving a shovel pass for 29 yards. Of note on the play UF commit Demar Dorsey made a huge hit and forced a fumble. Dorsey is rumored to be wavering from his UF committment with Tennessee and West Virginia making noise. Although he may not qualify.

Well, we have to wait a little longer to see Jones, Joyner, Luc, Lemonier etc. because UF commit Jonathan Dowling (who is an absolute ballhawk) just intercepted QB Jesse Scroggins and returned it for 6 points 56 yards total. On the first play of the next drive Scroggins fumbles the ball to the Black team.

Luc, Jones, Joyner, and Lemonier on the field. Jeff Luc quickly defends a pass in space and Christian Jones almost comes down with the fumble. UM commit Storm Johnson then has a decent run. Lemonier forces a quick pass to Ohio St. commit James Louis who is swalled up by Jeff Luc and Christian Jones quickly, but for a first down. The black kicker misses a FG, who has already missed an XP as well Auburn commit Cody Parkey.

The white defense is put with its back against the wall with a terrible catch by the punter, but none of the FSU targets are in as the second team gets work on this drive. Mack Brown makes a nice move to make a third and goal. There are a lot of people rumoring the fact that Brown will open up his recruitment and FSU is in decent position and may get an official visit in the future. Black team scores and the XP snap is bad. This game has seen some extremely sloppy plays.

SBnation wants us to use the live commenting as opposed to updating the story, so refer to the comments section for the rest of the game.

First announcement John Fulton Jr commits to Alabama. He is a top 5 CB in the country.

Second announcement is Dominique Easley to UF. No good, this kid is outstanding.

Third announcement is Kenny Shaw to FSU. Not news, but a very good get.