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Lauderdale Lakes (FL) Safety Demar Dorsey to sign with Florida State

Demar Dorsey adds athleticism and speed to FSU's 2010 class.
Demar Dorsey adds athleticism and speed to FSU's 2010 class.

Luke Stampini of broke the story. 

Demar Dorsey de-committed from Florida today and committed to FSU.  The de-commitment is something I've been expecting for several months.  UF recruits are saying Dorsey decommitted as well as other sources in the thick of Dorsey's recruitment. Look for former Tennessee 'pals' Eddie Gran [current FSU RB coach] and Lane Kiffin to butt heads for Dorsey over the next 9 days. -- Stampini

Most of the FSU sites have been aware since late Friday night, and if Stampini had let this slip it might not have come out till signing day.  But the news is out so here is some info on the speedy safety prospect.  Boyd Anderson High School Defensive Back Demar Dorsey has made it know that he intends to switch his commitment from the Florida Gators to the Florida State Seminoles. This is yet another feather in the hat for the Seminoles recruiting class. Keep in mind that despite going 6-6 in the regular season, FSU will reign in one of the top classes in the country, while filling positional and numerical needs.  Here at TN, we have expressed the opinion that the 2010 cycle is heavier on talent at defensive back and lighter on defensive line talent so there may be some need to continue to take more talented DBs even though we have depth issues at DL this year.  Re-stocking the defense is not a one year fix, and Jimbo Fisher knows that.  

HT: 6'1''
WT: 180
Speed: 4.25 40-yard Dash/ 10.44 100-Meter
Vertical:  40''
Rankings: ESPN 85 #2 overall safety, #12 overall/ Rivals 5.8 4*
Academics:  There has been some concern, but Demar says he will qualify and has apparently gained his ACT score.
Other offers:  UF, USC, Tennessee, Miami, Michigan, UNC.  Alabama showed serious interest.


Dorsey is a terrific athlete. He will instantly become one of the most athletic kids on FSU's team when he steps on campus. He is a track star. When people talk about his speed it is real, as he is probably the fastest senior football player in the state of Florida this year. When he decides to tackle, he can really lay the wood, but there are definite technique problems there. Dorsey shows elite body fluidity in the lower half and gets to the point on the football field where he needs to be. Excellent acceleration, hips, ect.  He lacks the overall type of bulk and strength you would like to see but he has outstanding potential.  Dorsey is also inconsistent on the field, looking like a 5* recruit some games, but also completely disappearing other games. If he can put it together, this kid could be Reggie Nelson part two, his potential is that high.  The very definition of a boom or bust recruit.

ESPN Scouting Report ($) on his talent (Free):

As athletic as any player in the country with his combination of great size, frame, speed, and first step quickness. He's further ahead athletically than as a player. He can get caught turning the wrong way, has trouble getting off blocks, and is sloppy in his tackling form, but with the ball in his hands on returns and letting his instincts as an athlete takeover, he show’s that he’s special. Definition of an upside recruit.

Scott Kennedy (free)

More Scout (Free)


Demar Dorsey has been a UF commitment throughout the process and just switched his intentions to FSU this week. Many have expressed that they think UF would not take him. I was actually told this point blank, that he had to look around. The reasons are plenty, he had grade concerns which now appear to be taken care of and may still have some off the field concerns. We at TN will not try to hide that fact. However, if and when he is qualified he is a kid who has huge potential.  UF evaluates better than almost every school in the country, especially in the defensive backfield (look at the guys they have had playing S for them) and they took Dorsey early (October 2008). He looked at a bunch of schools but settled in at FSU.


Not much here honestly for free, but he played in the Under Armour Game and was one of the best players on the field. I was there and his athleticism really was quite remarkable. These games are set up to make safeties look good, but it was obvious.


The recruiting map has been updated to reflect the commitment.

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