Defensive Tackle Brandon Ivory commits to Alabama. What does this mean for FSU?


You're probably thinking "why is this on an FSU site?" Here's why. Alabama had room for one more defensive tackle in this recruiting class. By taking Ivory, my sources tell me that Bama will almost certainly not take a second defensive tackle in this class. Ivory was Bama's 1st choice, but FSU target Calvin Smith was thought to be the Tide's 2nd choice. That leaves FSU and Tennessee for Smith. Tennessee doesn't have a defensive coordinator or defensive line coach right now and is a lot farther from Miami than FSU. Smith is an ex-Tennessee commitment and has said that he wants to go out of state. However, FSU could be far enough from Miami for him to forget about the out of state stuff. Additionally, Smith is announcing on ESPNU at 12:30 Eastern on National Signing Day (Feb 3rd) along with his teammate Corey Lemonier (an FSU target at defensive end). What are the chances they both throw on the cap and do the chop? We now feel the chance is high. In yesterday's recruiting udpate, we felt that Lemonier was greater than 50% to FSU (Auburn is the competition for him). We're now comfortable stating that FSU has greater than a 50% shot at Smith.