Signing Day hype might take toll on players' mental health


With NSD just days away, I found this article interesting enough to share with our members. Attention overload during recruiting puts an athlete's mental health at risk, sports psychologists warn. In a few days, newspaper websites and cable programming will inundate sports fans with all-day updates of college football's National Signing Day. It will be an ad nauseam celebration of guesswork done by college coaches. Fans will revel in the athletic potential of 18-year-old football players. The blowout coverage should come with a warning, printed in plain language on the sides of computer and television screens: Recruiting might have a negative impact on young people. Dr. Eric Goldstein, a sports psychologist in South Miami, sees it nearly every day. According to Goldstein and other psychologists, the massive amount of attention being dumped upon the heads of 17- and 18-year-old football players is not necessarily good for their mental health. The potentially harmful side effects include an inflated ego, a false sense of self, entitlement issues, identity foreclosure and a general detachment from reality. Click here to read the full story.