FSU Doesn't Have the Money of the Other Big Schools?

In a recent article i read on here titled HOW HIGH CAN FSU'S RECRUITING CLASS CLIMB, im trying to figure out why FSUncensored said FSU doesn't have the money of the other big schools.

For one last i checked according to enrollement numbers we have the 21st biggest college in America. FSU'S enrollement is at 39,973. Now you said FSU was small in comparison to Texas, Alabama, Florida, LSU, Miami, Clemson and USC. All those schools are smaller than FSU except for Texas and Florida.

The reason i bring this up the bigger the enrollement the more boosters we should have. Since when has FSU not had money to support a football team compared to the above mentioned teams. I do think our boosters held on to their money for last few years due to the nepotism era, but i gaurantee you we were spending as much money if not more than anybody during our dynasty era and it will start again under Jimbo Fisher.

Lets compare head coaches salaries. Bobby Bowden is the 12th highest paid coach in college football at 2.5 million dollars for 2009. Now i will say that is lower than all the big schools you compared FSU to except for Randy Shannon at 1.5 million, but our boosters were paying 2.5 million for somebody that wasn't coaching at all. Your telling me that once all the boosters are on board and Jimbo Fisher starts winning the ACC and starts competing for national championships that we can't pay our coach more than anyboby in the country.

My point is that FSU has as much money as every other big school its just that in the recent past our boosters were not going to waste their money on an inferior product, but as i'm being informed most if not all of the big money boosters are now on board so lets stop acting like FSU isn't a big player in college football. Remember we were the first school in college football to pay their head coach 1 million dollars, when in 1995 FSU paid Bobby Bowden that amount to obviously make him the highest paid coach in college football.

So in conclusion, not only do we have the enrollement numbers but we have one of the larger stadiums in college football thus more ticket sales and more money for athletics. We can outspend any school if we just start winning and the boosters will then spend the money. We have just as many boosters as all the other big schools with a couple of exceptions but there is no reason not to spend the money as long as we win. Remember we set the bar with having the highest paid coach in college football. With winning again comes money and more new boosters and maybe even some of the old ones that left during Jeff's time here. SEMINOLE NATION WILL RISE AGAIN!

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