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Florida State's Post Signing Day Hangover

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Sorry guys.  Things are going pretty slow around the Official TNation condo.  We're still trying to recover from yesterday.  There are empty cans and paper plates everywhere.  Quick morning assessment of yesterday's events: I still don't know how FSUn ended up with that baby; FSUSOM and SWFLNole woke up this morning with matching tattoos; I did some things I'm not proud of after my celebratory root beer binge got out of hand, and FrankDNole still hasn't woken up yet (I can't wait until he sees what we wrote on his face).


Consequently, things are running a little slow this morning.  Here's something quick to hold you over until we can figure out where we left The K-Man.


FSU finished with the number 6 rated class according to ESPN and the number 10 class according to Rivals. 

When size of the class is taken into account, here are the average star rankings for the rest of the ACC.

School Avg. Stars (Rivals)
Florida State 3.50
Clemson 3.35
Virginia Tech 3.29
Miami 3.07
UNC 3.14
NC State 3.05
Maryland 3.10
Georgia Tech 3.17
Boston College 2.86
Virginia 2.78
Wake Forest 2.74
Duke 2.50


Note that Florida State finished about 1.603 standard deviations above the average ACC class.  Miami only finished .085 standard deviations above the average ACC class.


Now I have some bad news for you.  FSU's class wasn't as good as Florida's class.  A team that finished 7-6 and has only had an entirely competent coaching staff for 5 weeks did not have as good a class as the team that won a BCS bowl, has won 2 National Championships in 4 years, and has one of the top programs in the country.  I know.  It sucks.  But look at the rest of the SEC classes.

School Avg Stars (Rivals)
Florida 3.89
Auburn 3.5
Alabama 3.62
LSU 3.59
Tennessee 3.44
Georgia 3.42
Ole Miss 3.28
South Carolina 3.04
Mississippi State 2.92
Arkansas 2.96
Kentucky 2.77
Vanderbilt 2.79


Florida finished with a class that was 1.595 standard deviations above the average SEC class.

Relative to each school's in-conference competition, Florida State had just as good a class as Florida.


Florida State is not in the SEC and has only been playing new-millennium football for 5 weeks. Right now, there are too many obstacles for FSU to use the SEC as its benchmark.  But when compared to its own conference, Florida State was the cream of the crop this recruiting season. If the Noles can continue to show this type of dominance over the rest of its conference in recruiting and translate that into on-field success, Jimbo Fisher can build the type of program that can hopefully compete nationally with UF, Alabama, Texas, and USC.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to throw away some empty pizza boxes and take like 20 showers.