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Offbeat Friday: Move over, "I can has cheezburger", It's time for some lolFSU

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It's been awhile since Offbeat Friday has come to you.  To be perfectly honest, we've been quite busy in the past 2 months (Our day job as James Coley's personal Cuban coffee supplier has kept us swamped.  We just woke up from a 76 hour nap.)  So we'll try to bring the fun today.  Or at least some distraction as you count down the hours till the end of the work week and a glorious SuperBowl weekend.

A certain poster on this site believes that we here at Offbeat Friday simply search for tired internet memes, and run them into the ground.

Well... of course we do!!  That's the fun part!!

After the jump, we try our hand at one of the internet's most time-honored traditions: putting funny, frequently grammatically incorrect, captions on pictures.


Don't forget, Seminole baseball season starts in a couple of weeks.  TNation's coverage is being led by RaysnNoles this year.  It's sure to be a great season filled with sacrifice bunts with nobody out, horrible pitching decisions, and of course the Mike Martin Drinking Game.  Get excited!!


Offbeat Friday hopes that our old friend Bobby Bowden doesn't hold any grudges as he travels off into the sunset.  It's always been in good fun.  Just like these:



Of course, another legendary FSU football coach announced his retirement this offseason.  Mickey Andrews always presented himself with dignity and class.  He was a great coach and is a great man.  We will always miss him but we hope he has a wonderful retirement.  Mickey Andrews is such a quality human being, it really makes me sad to post this next one....



We should probably move on without discussing that one any further....

With a competent president in charge of Florida State University, and a football staff that seems to have its act together, we here at Offbeat Friday are a little scared that there won't be any more terrible coaches to mock...


Leonard Hamilton!!!  Thank you Leonard, for being just the kind of horrible gameday manager that keeps us in business.  We salute you, sir!!





Lest you think we only mock our own, take a look at these messages from around southeastern football.





Above all else, Offbeat Friday remains a true fanboy at heart.  We will always love and support FSU and the ideals it tries to stand for.  We'll cheer for our team through good and bad, praise the good, and point out the bad.  But we only do it because we care, and because we hope to help improve our program.  We want to see FSU make full use of all its resources and be the best University and athletic program it can be.  And yes, we've got a bit of a man crush....